Group Takes Action Fighting Islamic Indoctrination

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Air Date: March 02, 2015

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: David Caton

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David Caton is the executive director of the Florida Family Association. The Florida Family Association is a national organization with the goal of defending American values.

Al Jazeera America is a television network that was at one time owned by Al Gore, Joel Hyatt, Ronald Burkle, Comcast and Direct TV. They, in turn, sold it to Al Jazeera English in Qatar. In 2013 they began reformatting and eventually was using the name Al Jazeera America 100% of the time.

The Florida Family Association started early on to contact companies urging them to stop supporting Al Jazeera America with U.S. consumer dollars. David’s concern is that this money ends up back with the emirate family in Qatar, a Sharia minded nation that has supported the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. They also supported the election of the current president of Hamas in Palestine.

Al Jazeera broadcasts in numerous countries and David indicated they played a major role in the ouster of Mohamed Morsi of Egypt and with their election of the Muslim Brotherhood president. They are out for change and it’s not the kind many Americans want.

Out of this backdrop came conversation that looked at Subway sandwich shops in England that are Sharia compliant, announcements running for Paralyzed Veterans of America on the network, a Sam’s Club in Florida that made a donation to a mosque, school textbook publishers and their promotion of Islam and more.

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To obtain a list of companies still advertising on Al Jazeera go to

To contact Paralyzed Veterans of America about their announcements on Al Jazeera call 1-800-424-8200.

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