Muslim Advocacy Day in D.C.

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Air Date: April 13, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: John Guandolo

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As Islam makes great advances off our shores via it’s well documented pattern of violence, here in the United States it’s making inroads in more subversive ways beginning at the highest levels of our government. One example of this is today’s Muslim Advocacy Day taking place in Washington, D.C.

Joining Jim Schneider to discuss this was John Guandolo. John is a former FBI agent and a counter-terrorism expert. He created and implemented the FBI’s first counter-terrorism and education program. He is founder of, co-author of ‘Shariah: the Threat to America’ and author of ‘Raising a Jihadi Generation.’

Jim began by noting that according to a press release from CAIR (Council on American/Islamic Relations), starting today there are more than 200 delegates from 22 states taking part in what they call the first National Muslim Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill sponsored by the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations.

John described this council as being made up of about a dozen Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood organizations. Other groups involved are either supportive of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood or part of their movement which involves eventually getting shariah law implemented in the United States and establishing a global Islamic state/caliphate. So basically we have terrorists in suits on Capitol Hill who are hostile to our constitution and rule of law.

Isn’t this a religious issue? It might seem that way until you realize that the U.S. Council of Muslim Organizations has identified itself as a political organization as well as the fact that all of the organizations that make up this umbrella group have also identified themselves as entities that want shariah law under an Islamic state.

CAIR’s news release indicated that they will be urging elected representatives to support issues that address the domestic priorities of the American Muslim community such as their desire to see laws at the local, state and federal levels to deal with profiling. John believes this is nothing more than an attempt to cease all real investigation into Muslims who are jihadis.

Another priority involves encouraging after school youth programs to prevent youth violence. Once again, on the surface this sounds like an admirable desire, however, John believes they will be the ones who will want to do the training as they train youth, not in the correct history of our nation, but instead in revisionist history such as telling our youth that Muslims were the first people in America.

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