Children in the Crosshairs of the LGBT Agenda

Air Date: April 23, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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Jim presented information from a number of recent articles and reports, that reveal that indoctrination of children by LGBT groups and teachers is both intentional, and widespread. One of their leaders said that when he said their purpose was’ not to indoctrinate children’ was a lie, and that in fact their purpose IS to indoctrinate children.

A recent article reported that Canadian lesbian teacher told how she taught children to become homosexual as young as four years old. She simply used conversations to lead their thinking towards accepting homosexual relationships, and was commissioned to go from class to class to introduce the subject.

Bryan Camenker of Mass Resistance reports that major U.S. Corporations are funding a sophisticated indoctrination program called ‘Welcoming Schools’, a project of the’ Human Rights Campaign’ which is going into schools across the nation. According to the program’s description, it has three purposes:

–Embrace Family Diversity
–Avoid Gender Stereotyping
–End Bullying

The programs emphasis in the area of ‘bullying’ is to

–Protect ‘the range of family diversity, including LGBT families’
–End’ bias based bullying, including anti-LGBT slurs and put-downs’
–Eliminate ‘gender stereotyping within discussions of bullying’

‘Welcoming Schools’ often begins with a program to

–Introduce the concept
–Tell the children it is normal
–Explain that parents and others who describe homosexuality in a negative way are bad, bigoted people.

In may schools assemblies are devoted to explaining what ‘Gay Pride’ means, with entertainment and songs to emphasize it.

The Secretary of Defense this week reported that sexual assaults in the military are increasing overall, but in 2014 a much larger number of sexual assaults were reported by men being assaulted by men, than women being assaulted by men.

The need for vigilance by parents and Christians in general was mentioned, including prayer, and action such as voting and getting involved themselves, in order to counteract the very organized efforts of GLBT activists to move school boards and staff towards emphasizing their agenda.

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