Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act

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Air Date: May 12, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

Guest: Troy Newman

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Jim began by noting that is reporting that there are 300 doctors and 275 abortion clinics that conduct abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy and many after 24 weeks. Legislation has been introduced to stop this practice.

Joining Jim to discuss this landmark legislation was Troy Newman. Troy is the President of Operation Rescue, one of the leading pro-life Christian activist organizations in the nation. He has actively worked on behalf of the pre-born for over 20 years and continues as an innovator of ideas to close abortion clinics and garner criminal prosecutions for abortionists from coast to coast. He is the author of two books, ‘Their Blood Cries Out!’ and the newly released, ‘Abortion Free.’

After this current Congress was sworn in, one of the early pieces of legislation to come forth from them was H.R. 36, The Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. It says a baby has pain receptors and therefore can feel pain. This is a unique individual and that based upon this, after 20 weeks in the womb, the government has an interest in protecting that human being.

What are the common methods utilized by abortionists? Is there a difference between what ISIS does and the abortion industry? Is H.R. 36 and its included exceptions unbiblical even though if passed, it will save some pre-born infants? These and other questions and concerns are dealt with on this important Crosstalk broadcast.

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The vote on H.R. 36 is anticipated to take place tomorrow in the House of Representatives. To present comments to your Congressmen, use the contact information listed below:

Capitol Switchboard

To get direct phone numbers to your Congressmen go to:

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