Sam Rohrer Rally I Sought for a Man

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Air Date: May 13, 2015

Host : Gordon Morris

Guest: Sam Rohrer

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This Crosstalk captured part of a presentation by Sam Rohrer, president of the American Pastors Network, as he spoke at a VCY America rally in March of this year. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, the American Pastors Network identifies, encourages, equips, educates and networks with pastors and church members to stand in the gap for truth.

Sam taught that there will be an individual judgment for every word said and every deed done. But there have been national judgments as well. In fact, most of God’s warnings and promises given in Scripture are national in context. Since nations cannot be judged in the hereafter, God does it in the here and now. This is why we must be concerned about government.

Teaching about civil government and the relationship of the Christian to it is not a matter of politics but a matter of teaching a biblical worldview and the understanding of how God has put his plan into effect for the nations. God’s plan for the ages is that he works through nations to point people to Christ by understanding his earthly authority which points to him as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Israel was established as a model for the nations both then and now. God made a covenant with Israel so some promises apply to them and only them, not to us or any other nation. In our case, America’s founders made a covenant with God that they would build this nation on biblical principles with the understanding that those principles applied generally to any nation. However, they also knew that the framework of government they were establishing would only work if the citizens and those involved in government were submissive to the 10 Commandments and walked in the fear of the Lord.

In essence, we started just as Israel did with the understanding that if we obey God, he would bless us. If we forsake him, he would walk away from us.

Starting in Ezekiel 20, Sam reminds listeners about the charges God levied against Israel as they walked away from Him. Those charges are murder and idolatry. The sentence involved making them a disgrace to the heathen nations.

When listening to this broadcast you can’t help but see the parallels between the sins of Old Testament Israel and modern day America. We see this not only in the sins we are participating in but also the consequences that are pressing in upon us.

Have we gone too far and is the final curtain about to fall regardless of our response? Find out when you review this sobering edition of Crosstalk.

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