Overreach of Big Brother

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Air Date: May 21, 2015

Host : Vic Eliason

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In recent years we’ve been hearing about the militarization of police departments across our nation as news reports have informed us about equipment being made available to them that in the past was only used by branches of the military. Is such militarization anticipating that things are going to get worse in America? At one time, President Obama felt that such militarization was a good idea. More recently there’s been news that House Judiciary Committee meetings on police militarization have begun as lawmakers debate the best way to regulate law enforcement.

The Department of Justice has announced that it will send millions of dollars to various community activist groups to combat urban crime and reduce tensions between racial minorities and police. Could this backfire and actually create more unrest by funding many of the so-called community organizers responsible for fomenting anti-police sentiment in cities across America?

Another headline indicated that sheriff deputies and special operations troops are reportedly teaming up for special exercises in South Carolina. Is this a Posse Comitatus Act violation?

There are those calling for a change in the religious views of some individuals. One of them is presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who is seeking an overhaul of religious beliefs, structural biases and cultural codes in order to advance her beliefs regarding birth control, abortion and women’s health care.

As we see a federal government communicating as though it desires to have power over our local police departments…as we see an aspiring leader wanting to change the religious views of many…what do you think? Crosstalk callers presented their perspectives on this critical issue of what constitutes government

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