Can We Rock the Gospel?

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Air Date: June 8, 2015

Host : Vic Eliason

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This Crosstalk begins by taking a look at a book entitled,’Can We Rock the Gospel?’ by John Blanchard and Dan Lucarini. Some of the chapter titles mentioned include:

–How We Got to Where We Are?
–The Identity Crisis
–Strange Fire
–Body Language
–Bad Company
–The Red Flags That Start to Show Up
–Square One

As Vic noted, these authors are, ‘…not throwing rocks of condemnation, but they are raising the question which requires people who are honest, not biased, but honest, to examine their premise and to see if there isn’t something that rings true.

Have you ever had someone entrenched in the CCM mindset make you feel as though you have to wear the trappings of the old life in order to attract people to the gospel and to appear relevant to society? As this program points out, sober thinking and not relevance should help guide us. Anything else indicates an intoxication with self-image and a style that exercises a person’s passions.

As you review this Crosstalk, you’ll hear Vic provide details concerning how you can obtain a copy of this book for your pastor.

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