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Air Date: June 16, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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This edition of Crosstalk took a look at some interesting contrasts. The first one dealt with the death of two women this past Sunday who were 88 years old. One of these women devoted herself to the Lord Jesus Christ and the other fought the Lord in many ways, most notably through her efforts to support abortion while advising people to turn away from the Gospel.

The first woman mentioned was Christian author and broadcaster Elisabeth Elliot. Elliot, the host of the radio program Gateway to Joy for many years, was also well known for her work with her first husband Jim who was a missionary to and who died at the hands of the Auca Indians of Ecuador.

The second was Anne Gaylor, prominent feminist, atheist and abortion rights activist. She was the principle founder of the Madison, Wisconsin, based Freedom From Religion Foundation, the nation’s largest group of atheists and agnostics. She was known for calling abortion a blessing and the Bible a grim fairytale.

Next, Jim contrasted Bruce Jenner and his change to Caitlin Jenner with Rachael Dolezal, the former head of the Spokane NAACP who has insisted she is black. If Jenner can be considered a hero for morphing into a woman in spite of physical evidence to the contrary, then why can’t Dolezal claim the identity of a black woman?

Other contrasts Jim looked at included:

2 controversial trade related bills, Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) and Trade Promotion Authority (TPA) would empower President Obama to finish massive free trade agreements, namely the Trans Pacific Partnership. Republicans complain about President Obama’s authority and power in the trade process yet Congress is ‘sitting on the fence.’

President Obama is in favor of gun control as if guns alone kill people. What about control of illegals? After all, 121 murders have been attributed to illegals released by the Obama administration.

The White House Office of Management and Budget approved new plans to regulate airline emissions…except…if President Obama is on board.

A high school in Washington is implanting IUD’s in teen girls without the consent of their parents. So here we have girls that can’t get a soda at their high school yet can obtain an IUD to prevent pregnancy.

About 50 teachers and administrators from one Pennsylvania school district attended a recent training session on Islam and Arabic culture during an all-day in-service workshop payed at taxpayer expense. Where’s the cry of ‘separation of church and state’ regarding this incident?

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To contact the House of Representatives and state your views regarding the Trans Pacific Partnership, call 202-224-3121.

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