Scripture for a Nation in Decay

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Air Date: July 03, 2015

Host : Jim Schneider

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We are in a time of great spiritual decay in America. The morals and values that were the basis for the founding of our nation and that were once held dear are being abandoned. For example:

–We’ve murdered over 55 million babies under the banner of choice.

–The Supreme Court has decided that we can defy God through the legalization of same-sex relationships and call it marriage.

–We have people running for president on both sides of the aisle who don’t understand the definition of marriage.

–We are reading pro-homosexuality books to children in order to establish legitimacy for the gay lifestyle in the eyes of new generations.

–We are passing transgender protections that are having implications for schools health clubs, clothing stores and restaurants.

–We are experiencing a racial divide that’s resulted in mayhem, vandalism and looting.

–Islam continues to make gains in society and more mosques are being built as their false god continues to be proclaimed.

–Anti-semitism is on the rise.

–Homosexuality is being allowed in our military and some want to put women on the front lines of battle.

–Political dysfunction is growing at all levels of government.

–Marijuana is being legalized in parts of the nation.

–Thousands of retail stores have closed across America.

–Numerous churches are seemingly more concerned about entertainment than doctrine.

What wisdom resides in the Bible that points to such sin, the consequences and the solution? Listeners shared portions of Scripture showing how God’s Word is a powerful witness to our wickedness as a nation but that mercy and grace is also available.

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