Mosques All Over America

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Air Date: August 28, 2015

Host:  Vic Eliason

Guest: Usama Dakdok

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Usama began by commenting on news out of Orlando, Florida, concerning the unveiling of a $250,00 Muslim prayer (reflection) room inside the Orlando, Florida, airport.

Usama believes this is not about Muslims having a place of worship because before they board their flights to the Middle East, they can go to a mosque and pray or even pray in their own homes. This led to Usama saying that if the American people knew what Muslims are saying in their prayers, it would be illegal for Muslims to pray anywhere in America.

Usama believes Muslims are praying the wrong prayer to the wrong god. It’s the wrong prayer because they’re asking Allah to lead them to Islam, not to Judaism or Christianity. To them, Allah is angry with the Jews and teaches that Christians are ‘lost.’ Another reason he believes they are saying the wrong prayer is because they are praying to the god of Mohammed who is Allah, the Satan of the Bible.

He described the Imams of U.S. mosques as being nothing more than Usama bin Laden’s in suits and ties. They are not moderate Muslims. They know the Qur’an and he challenged them to debate him to prove the point.

Are Muslim organizations building mosques simply for the purpose of peaceful worship in freedom and to exercise religious liberty? Since 1991 our government has known the plan of why Muslims want to open Islamic centers. Vic read a portion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s stated purpose that was uncovered as part of the Holy Land Foundation trial. It is clearly militant and describes the desire to have an Islamic center in every city in the nation. The idea is to establish organizations within an economic, media, social, scouting, professional and military perspective with the goal to destroy America from within.

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