An Urgent Plea for Life

​​Air Date: December 17, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

Guest: John Seago

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​This Crosstalk discussed the plight of David Christopher Dunn (who goes by the name of ‘Chris’.), a 46 year old with a background in law enforcement. He’s currently a patient at Houston Methodist Hospital but the hospital is attempting to obtain guardianship so that they can terminate his medical care.

Jim was joined in this discussion by John Seago. John is the legislative director with Texas Right to Life. John has worked with this organization for 11 years. He leads the organization’s research, writing and lobbying for state pro-life legislation.

Earlier this year Chris experienced a bout of severe abdominal pain and ended up in Houston Methodist Hospital where they found a mass on his pancreas. Due to the fact that he was uninsured and his situation was becoming more complicated, the hospital decided to use a Texas law called, The Texas Advanced Directive Act, to remove the medical treatment that he and his mother wanted him to receive. This was decided in spite of the fact that Chris’ mother has medical power of attorney.

Chris is conscious, can respond to questions, nod his head and wave his arms.

More Information:

To see the video of Chris or to sign the petition on his behalf go to

To speak on behalf of Chris call or e-mail:

Marc Boom–CEO at Houston Methodist Hospital

Hospital Main Switchboard

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