News Round-Up 151218

​​​Air Date: December 18, 2015

Host:  Jim Schneider

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Jim Schneider got listeners caught up on national and world news stories of interest to Christians everywhere. Some of the stories covered included:

–Homeland Security Secretary Jay Johnson says terrorists may infiltrate America’s
Syrian refugee program.
–ISIS may have the ability to produce legitimate looking Syrian passports.
–Intelligence officials are secretly mapping ISIS media centers where their
propaganda is being churned out.
–Students being thrown out of classrooms to make room for refugees at the Anne
Frank School in Nordhorn in Germany.
–French authorities have conducted thousands of raids over the past few weeks and
have arrested hundreds of people finding numerous documents connecting French
Muslims to jihadi elements.
–Federal prosecutors decide to bring criminal charges against the friend and
former neighbor of one of the San Bernardino shooters.
–Classes canceled at a Virginia county school amid security concerns after some
parents object to a world geography class that included teaching on Islam.
–Homeland Security Secretary Jay Johnson claims that anyone who doesn’t
understand that Muslims want peace doesn’t understand Islam
–Wheaton College professor who wanted show solidarity with Muslims by wearing the
hijab is placed on leave.
–Omnibus bill passes through the House and is on its way to the Senate.
–Trans-Pacific Partnership fine print will undermine U.S. national security.
–President Obama goes behind closed doors to meet with Former New York City Mayor
Michael Bloomberg to discuss gun control.
–President Obama will review final recommendation on how he can impose new
restrictions on guns without Congress.
–A new study shows that the only gun crimes on the rise over the last two decades
have been mass shootings in gun free zones otherwise known as ‘soft targets’.
–Tuberculosis on the rise in our nation.
–Tens of thousands of migrants pouring into Europe bringing infections that will
soon be untreatable.
–Kuwait hates Jews so much that its national airline has ditched a popular and
lucrative New York to London flight rather than allow Israelis on its planes.
–Paris synagogue attacked with a chemical substance.
–ISIS is recruiting experts with chemistry, physics and computer science
degrees to wage war against the West with weapons of mass destruction.
–Viral video shows Yale University students freely signing a petition that calls
for the repeal of the First Amendment.
–3 people killed when an unidentified gunman opened fire outside a Christian
radio station in Mali.

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