The Accommodation of Islam

​Air Date: January 06, 2016

Host:  Jim Schneider

​Guest: David Caton

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As time goes on we’re seeing special accommodations being made for the religion of Islam. Some schools have established a prayer room for Muslim students. Airports have redesigned restrooms. Businesses have conducted employee sensitivity training on Islamic practices. Chapels have removed crosses so as not to offend Muslims. Many businesses have been accommodating Muslims but are finding themselves being pushed for more.

One business is fighting back. Joining Jim to discuss this was David Caton. David is the executive director of the Florida Family Association, an organization dedicated to Defending American values.

The business that has become the latest focal point is the Cargill Meats Solutions Plant in Fort Morgan, Colorado. About 2 weeks ago several Muslims went to their supervisor to see if they could come off the assembly line and go to the break room to have group prayer. They were denied their request because of the large number of people that wanted to participate at one time. They decided to walk off the job and in the end Cargill fired a total of 200 employees.

Cargill’s policy does not allow for fired employees to reapply for their jobs for a period of six months.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) put out a press release admitting that their negotiations on behalf of the employees failed.

This Crosstalk also provides brief discussion concerning CAIR, some statistics concerning Muslims and their thoughts on the implementation of Shariah and more.

More Information:

To read an article on this situation and to send an e-mail to Cargill officials encouraging them to stand firm on their decision and not surrender to the demands for mass Muslim prayer in the workplace go to

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