Abortionist Exploitation of the Zika Virus

​​Date:  February 11, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider  
Guest:   Dr. David Stevens

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In recent weeks there has been concern around the world regarding the Zika virus. Brazil is reported to be the epicenter of the epidemic that now spans nearly 3 dozen nations and reports of U.S infections are being reported.

In light of this there have been pro-abortion groups that are using this concern as a means to raise funds for abortion advocacy and to pressure the international community toward abortion.

Joining Jim to discuss these concerns was Dr. David Stevens. Dr. Stevens is the chief executive officer of the Christian Medical and Dental Association, a national organization of health care professionals that seeks to change hearts in healthcare. Dr. Stevens has helped develop an evangelism training program that teaches health care professionals how to share their faith in a healthcare setting. Dr. Stevens appears regularly on interviews and is the author of ‘Jesus MD, Beyond Medicine’. He also has been involved extensively in the area of medical missions.

According to Dr. Stevens, the Zika virus has been around in Africa for a long time. It’s passed via mosquitoes though there is the possibility of it being passed, although rarely, from mother to child or through sexual contact.

If contracted, most people don’t even know they have it. In fact, one-in-five that do contract the virus have no symptoms at all. If there are symptoms they can range from feeling like you have the flu, you may develop a rash, joint pain and ‘pink eye’ otherwise known as conjunctivitis. Even if you get these symptoms, usually within a few days to a week you feel better.

Although it hasn’t been proven yet, the Zika virus has been linked with microcephaly where a child’s head is born too small and the brain is poorly developed. Another concern is that it’s causing miscarriages and in even rarer instances, Guillain Barre syndrome, which can bring on paralysis.

Jim had Dr. Stevens comment on news from Breitbart Media that International Planned Parenthood Federation in the Western Hemisphere is taking advantage of this outbreak to ask for donations to expand access to abortions and birth control. It’s also been reported that pro-abortion groups along with the U.N. have been pushing for nations in South America to legalize abortion as they work to curb the spread of the virus.

In the end, Dr. Stevens noted that it’s not our job to make sure that every child born is perfect. God allows this to happen. If we can prevent disease we need to do that but at the same time we also need to realize that life is precious whether there’s a genetic or a developmental problem.

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