Siege: Pro-Life Field Manual

​​​Date:  March 1, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Mark Crutcher

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The womb was designed by God to be a place of protection and serenity. In 1973 in America it was transformed into such a deadly environment that since that time it’s been estimated that close to 59 million babies have been killed. Helpless children continue to be killed for simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Jim’s guest says this isn’t just a clash of philosophies or ideas, rather, this is a war.

Jim’s guest was Mark Crutcher, the president of Life Dynamics. Mark has been involved full-time in the pro-life movement for 30 years. He began Life Dynamics in 1992 which has become a widely recognized pro-life organization. It has been involved in a number of undercover operations such as ‘Child Predators’ which has revealed shocking information as to what is happening inside the abortion industry. Mark is also an author. His latest book is ‘Siege: A Pro-Life Field Manual’.

Mark uses numerous military terms in his book. Does he really see the abortion battle as a war? Mark doesn’t see how you can define it any other way, especially when you see one group of humans being aggressive toward another group of humans for their own personal gain. As a result, people are dying. So if you were to give Mark a definition of war he doesn’t see how the abortion battle wouldn’t apply.

Mark noted how great gains have been made by the pro-life movement and that the opposition is admitting that the pro-life side is winning. In fact, the pro-abortion movement sometimes describes themselves as being under siege. Despite this progress, the pro-life movement could still lose. Therefore the strategies and tactics that got the movement where it is today won’t necessarily be effective tomorrow. He believes there comes a point where you have to adjust your strategies to fit the times.

Speaking of strategies, this is where Jim described how abortion, despite its numerous funding avenues, has never lost its stigma. Mark described this as the pro-life movement’s number one weapon and it always will be. He believes the movement has to do a better job of capitalizing on this fact and that it needs to become the centerpiece of the movement’s strategy.

Then there’s the ‘tech effect’. Every piece of technology that has come along in the last 40 years has supported the pro-life position. For example, Mark described how mass sonograms didn’t exist in 1973. Now basically everyone has seen an unborn child. This took the argument that an unborn child is a living human from being merely a pro-life argument to an observable fact. 3-D printers and holograms will only make the movement’s argument even stronger. In fact, the largest percentage of people entering the movement are young and this may have to do with the existence of technology showing the truth about life in the womb.

Mark also explained the abortion lobby’s financial problem. The cost for a first-trimester elective abortion hasn’t risen appreciably since the early ’70’s. This makes the argument that women will do anything to have an abortion nonsense. If that was true, abortionists could be charging higher prices to reflect inflation yet they aren’t because women have shown they won’t pay for them. So the abortion that was profitable in 1973, isn’t today. As a result, the abortion movement has had to rely on other revenue streams such as government grants, donor and foundation funding, STD treatments, birth control pills and the selling of fetal body parts.

This program has much more to offer including Mark’s powerful assessment describing how abortion parallels the act of suicide.

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