News Round-Up 6-24-16

​​​​​​​​​Date:    June 24, 2016

Host:    Jim Schneider 

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​Jim took listeners around the world as he presented many stories on this edition of the news round-up.

–Britain votes to exit the European Union.
–The leader of the UK Independence Party has declared it to be Independence Day.
–Prime Minister David Cameron resigns.
–David Cameron has placed redefining marriage as one of his proudest achievements
as he announced his resignation.
–Prince William has appeared on the cover of a British homosexual magazine.
–28 member states of the E.U. Friday reached a broad agreement in support of
LGBTI equality.
–Teachers at a conference for UK girls schools were instructed to call students
pupils instead of girls so as not avoid offending the gender confused.
–President Obama warns critics of globalization that the international economy is
here to stay and that many jobs lost in the U.S. are not coming back.
–The White House announced that President Obama has designated the park at
Stonewall as the first national LGBTQ monument.
–Senate Bill 1146 would close a loophole that California lawmakers say allows
Christian universities to discriminate against students based on their gender
identity, gender expression or sexual orientation.
–A Pentagon policy allowing transgender troops to openly serve is in its final
stages of approval.
–The transgender flag rose above the St. Louis city hall on Monday to celebrate
Pride Month.
–Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has announced that he will support an
appeal of a federal court decision ordering public schools to open male and
female bathrooms to students of the opposite sex.
–The Kansas Board of Education decided to ignore the Obama administration’s
directive to allow biological males into girls bathrooms, showers, locker
rooms and vice versa.
–Yesterday the Supreme Court blocked President Obama’s immigration plan.
–President Obama says this outcome won’t discourage him from making other
such moves without going through Congress.
–The Federation for American Immigration Reform was able to obtain immigration
and customs enforcement records from ICE. They indicate that ICE’s previous
reports on the number of criminal offenses committed by illegal aliens that they
had released from custody had been under-reported by over nine-fold.
–Omar Mateen gave off many signals that show his Islamic allegiances. Some
sources did nothing for hear of being viewed as Islamophobic.
–Attorney General Loretta Lynch said that the Orlando investigation is still
ongoing and a motive has yet to be established.
–Omar Mateen’s wife allegedly cased Disneyland with her husband. Federal
authorities have lost track of her.
–Victims inside the Orlando club said that Omar Mateen was talking on the phone
to a co-conspirator and they recorded it on their phones.
–Mateen is said to have given his house to his sister and Afghan-born brother-in-
law virtually for free.
–Chick-fil-A restaurants are normally closed on Sunday’s. Some Orlando locations
opened their stores on the Sunday after the Orlando massacre to help feed people
waiting in the long blood donation lines.
–The U.N. and its high commissioner for human rights claimed on Tuesday that the
U.S. government has an obligation to implement robust gun regulation.
–U.S. Congressmen throw a temper tantrum via a ‘sit-in’ on the chamber floor.
–A documentary film alleges that U.N. schools are teaching Arab children to
glorify terrorism and wage constant war against their Jewish neighbors.
–Philadelphia police scour the area looking for five men caught on video
assaulting two couples then fleeing in their pickup truck and SUV, but not
before a witness allegedly heard them scream their allegiance to ISIS.
–Paul Ryan signals his dissent for a ban on Muslims.
–Loretta Lynch says the Justice Department determined to work with the Muslim
community in America to identify self-radicalized jihadists before they can harm
other Americans.
–Illinois could become the first state with a law on the books that gives Muslims
a formal voice in government. The creation of an Illinois Muslim-American
Advisory Council is one of the more than 400 bills awaiting the signature of the
–The State Department welcomed Boeing’s announcement of a deal to sell aircraft
to Iran.
–Presidential candidate Donald Trump met this week with evangelical leaders.
–At a rally last weekend, a British man tried to kill Donald Trump.
–An Air Force veteran was forcibly removed from a military base because he
invoked God in a retirement ceremony speech.
–The Pentagon announced the transfer of what was believed to be Usama bin Laden’s
body guard.
–President Obama explained that the nations of the world must give women control
over their own bodies if they’re to fulfill their full potential.
–Planned Parenthood is offering paid positions on Craigslist for people to go
door-to-door promoting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton as well as
abortions in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.
–The Satanic Temple has launched a pro-abortion crusade to come to the aid of
Planned Parenthood.

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