News Round-Up 7-1-16

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:    July 1, 2016

  Jim Schneider 

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​Jim presented this Crosstalk packed with news stories and listener input. Stories included:

–A private meeting at an Arizona airport between Attorney General Loretta Lynch
and former President Bill Clinton raises concerns in light of Hillary Clinton’s
e-mail investigation.
–A 14 year old Sudanese refugee in Idaho allegedly coached a Sudanese 10 year old
and a 7 year old Iraqi boy to corner a 5 year old girl in a laundry room. They
unclothed her as part of an attack which they filmed until being interrupted by
an elderly woman.
–Comments from President Obama’s U.S. attorney in Idaho following the release of
2 Muslim boys accused of sexually assaulting the 5 year old have been swift and
severe. The attorney has indicated that Idaho citizens who spread false or
inflammatory information about the alleged Muslim perpetrators may be subject to
–The Idaho girl who was sexually assaulted has literally become a prisoner in her
own house because the family of one of the suspects who was evicted from the
apartment complex still has not moved out.
–President Obama issues a call for corporate America to hire more refugees.
–A federal judge has blocked a Mississippi law that would let merchants and
government employees cite religious beliefs in denying or delaying services to
same-sex couples.
–The 5 Mile Cafe in New York told to take down banner that says, ‘God
Bless America’.
–Child Evangelism Fellowship wins its 3 year battle against the Cleveland
Metropolitan School District as a federal district court approved a consent
order finding that the school district violated CEF’s constitutional
rights to equal access.
–A group of gay rights activists has launched an online petition demanding full
civil rights for all LGBT people everywhere.
–Democrats that control the California Assembly Judiciary Committee have passed
SB-1146 to redefine Christianity at Christian format colleges. The bill allows
students to file lawsuits against religious-based colleges challenging the
school’s right to have biblical standards on sexuality, gender and marriage,
admissions, housing, employment, student counseling and outside groups allowed
on campus.
–The Ontario Court of Appeals ruled that a Christian university can be denied
accreditation because of its opposition to homosexuality.
–Oral arguments have been set for Chief Justice Roy Moore of the Alabama Supreme
–Presbyterian Church USA caught for praying to Allah at its General Assembly
meeting last week.
–A 13 year old Jewish girl who was stabbed to death in her bed by a 17 year old
Palestinian attacker was an American citizen.
–Arab immigration to France and deep seeded anti-semitism in that country may
mean that French Jews have no future there.
–Landmarks throughout the world lit up with the colors of Turkey’s flag to honor
the victims of the Istanbul airport attack.
–History was made when a centuries old church in London, not only opened its
doors for Muslims to break their fast but also organized a prayer session and an
Iftar dinner for hundreds of Muslims. The church leaders fasted alongside
Muslims to promote interfaith harmony.
–A veteran al-Qaeda operative released from Gitmo to Uruguay has gone missing.
–Police in Rio de Janeiro have staged multiple protests over their pay.
–U.N. trucks have been seen being transported on American highways. The U.N.
seems baffled.
–E.U. said to need a common military headquarters.
–A European superstate to be unveiled.
–Some 9,000 babies were saved from abortions under the Texas pro-life law.
–Planned Parenthood is wasting no time attacking state abortion clinic
regulations across the nation.
–Pakistani Muslim leader believes that Western civilization will soon fall.
–CIA Director John Brennan warned that the suicide attack in Turkey could be a
precursor to ISIS attacks in America.
–The United Cyber Caliphate, a group that supports ISIS, sent a kill list of
almost 8,000 names and addresses of Americans calling for a ‘lone wolf’
extremist to kill them to take revenge for Muslims.
–Al Qaeda urges ‘lone wolves’ to target white people to avoid the hate crime
–The FBI has not informed many Americans that they’re on kill lists published by
the Islamic State or others inspired by the terrorist group.
–On June 3rd one of the biggest trials of Muslim immigrants turned would-be
jihadists in U.S. history ended with guilty verdicts for 4 and guilty pleas by 6
others but the trial went mostly unnoticed by the media establishment.
–Immigrants are bringing multi-drug resistant Tuberculosis.
–The Obama administration wants to keep Clinton Foundation e-mails hidden until
late 2018.
–The Obama administration is pushing for greater immigration.
–A Rochester, Minnesota, Methodist church displays a sign that says ‘We wish you
a blessed Ramadan’.
–The Department of Homeland Security may ban religiously-charged Islamic terms
such as ‘jihad’ and ‘Shariah’ to avoid offending Muslims
–In a developing story as of broadcast time, a group of up to nine attackers set
off bombs and took hostages while shouting Allahu Akbar at a restaurant in a
diplomatic zone in the capital of Bangladesh.
–A judge has blocked a pro-abortion rule in Indiana.
–Judge Alito says those who value religious freedom have cause for great concern.

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