Convention Aftermath

​Date:    July 29, 2016

Host:   Jim Schneider  

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​​Jim began this edition of Crosstalk with disturbing news that the Navy is planning to name a ship after the late homosexual activist and San Francisco politician Harvey Milk.

Jim then moved into an overview of the GOP convention. Some of the points he highlighted included:

–Donald Trump’s address was the longest acceptance speech in four decades.
–Trump discussed out of control/illegal immigration, destructive trade deals,
calamitous foreign policy, an imploding economy, historic unemployment,
skyrocketing violent crime, the escalating terrorist threat and rampant
political corruption.
–Trump promised to put America first. Americanism, not globalism.
–Trump denounced political correctness yet announced his solidarity with, as he
put it, ‘…our LGBTQ community.’
–Indiana Governor Mike Pence was chosen as Trump’s running mate.
–Senator Ted Cruz failed to endorse Trump in his convention speech, instead
telling Americans that they should vote their conscience.
–The head of America’s largest abortion company blasted Trump by indicating that
his pro-life worldview and desire to see Roe v. Wade overturned is disturbing.
–The RNC platform was called by one as being, ‘the most conservative platform in
modern history.’
–Trump said that the federal minimum wage should rise to $10.

Here are some of the headlines Jim noted concerning the just completed Democratic convention:

–Hillary Clinton chose Catholic pro-abortion Virginia Senator Tim Kaine as her VP
running mate.
–Kaine has been portrayed as a moderate; a safe pick and a pristine candidate
with a history of missionary work in Central America as well as being fluent in
the Spanish language.
–Kaine is said to have a history of embracing Islamists.
–WikiLeaks published nearly 20,000 DNC e-mails. Debbie Wasserman Schultz then
resigned over the scandal. Some of the e-mails show the DNC leaders were
discussing plans to manipulate events to favor Clinton in the bid for the
–Debbie Wasserman Schultz appears to be facing a tough battle for her own
reelection in Florida’s 20th congressional district.
–Clinton became the first woman to become a major party nominee for president.
–The pro LGBT Human Rights Campaign (HRC) relishes Clinton’s nomination and her
promise to fight for LGBTQ equality.
–Sarah McBride becomes the first openly transgender person to address a major
party convention.
–HRC President Chad Griffin called out what he considers Trumps dangerous anti-
LGBTQ record.
–There was an LGBTQ panel discussion held at the national convention to discuss
where the LGBTQ movement goes next.
–The Democratic platform is the most pro-LGBTQ platform in the history of the
United States.
–Chelsea Clinton spoke against conversion therapy at a convention luncheon for
–NBC News reported that this convention hosted a record number of lesbian, gay,
bisexual and transgender delegates.
–Planned Parenthood’s Cecile Richards made it clear that Clinton will stand up
for abortion and would press for it as a human right.
–NARAL Pro-Choice America’s sent out a fund appeal applauding Clinton as ‘the
strongest, most unapologetic champion of reproductive rights ever nominated for
president of the United States.’
–Was President Obama’s convention speech more about him than Hillary?
–News sources describe President Obama’s speech to those of Ronald Reagan.
–Clinton indicates she will be relying on Obama when he leaves office.
–Clinton said she’s not looking to take away anyone’s guns or repeal the 2nd
–According to Nancy Pelosi, Trump is leading Clinton among white males because of
guns, gays and God.
–A moment of silence for fallen police officers at the DNC was marred by chants
of ‘Black Lives Matter!’.
–Georgia Democratic Representative Hank Johnson reportedly compared Israeli
settlers (Jews in the West Bank) to termites.
–Democrats were outraged that Chick-fil-A served food both inside and outside
of the convention arena.
–Bernie Sanders supporters burned an Israeli flag at the convention.
–Bernie Sanders has left the Democratic party to become an independent.
–Democrats approved a platform that calls for forcing Americans to pay for free
abortions for women, a repeal of the Hyde Amendment, they applaud last year’s
decision by the Supreme Court that recognizes that LGBT person’s have the right
to marry the person they love, that climate change is a real and urgent threat,
they wish to create a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants
and more.

Jim then asked listeners if in the aftermath of the conventions, has your position been solidified or are you still wavering as to who to vote for when the November election comes up?

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