The Atheist Delusion

​​​​​​​​​Date:    August 10, 2016

Host:     Jim Schneider  

Guest:  Ray Comfort

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​Increasingly we are hearing from those who claim that God doesn’t exist. College age young people and even their instructors are just some of the individuals who may boast about their atheism. However, when faced with a compelling question, doubts begin to come forth.

Joining Jim to discuss a new project that deals with this issue was Ray Comfort. Ray is the founder and CEO of Living Waters and the Best-selling author of more than 80 books including, ‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’, ‘Scientific Facts in the Bible’ and ‘The Evidence Bible’. He co-hosts the television program, ‘The Way of the Master’. He’s also the executive producer of the movies, ‘Audacity’, ‘180’, ‘Evolution vs. God’ and others which have been seen by millions. He has recently produced a brand new film, ‘The Atheist Delusion’.

The story behind ‘The Atheist Delusion’ begins as Ray explained how he went to a local college with his camera to make a short video for one of his book publishers. He asked a question regarding the book to an atheist and then followed up with another question. The man was dumbfounded. In a matter of minutes he ended up changing his mind about the existence of God. Ray then went to a couple more universities, sought out atheists, and kept getting the same result.

Ray admits that in the past, when he’s asked questions of atheists, it’s like water running off the back of a duck. This latest effort rips the feathers off the duck and penetrates. It’s a penetration that Jim admitted you can see as faces go from hard and cocky to where you can see the individual beginning to search their innermost being as to what they really think and believe.

How does Ray answer the skeptics who allege that he uses paid actors and/or engages in selective editing in order to make his projects appear effective? Why are millennials falling into the chasm of unbelief? If there is a loving God, why is there such tragedy and terrible suffering in the world? Get the answers to these and other questions surrounding the atheist delusion when you review this vital edition of Crosstalk.

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