News Round-Up 8-12-16

​​​​​​​​​​​Date:    August 12, 2016

Host:     Jim Schneider  

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​Jim Schneider brought listeners another round of news items not typically covered by the major news outlets. Stories included:

–Young Israel Stinson, who nearly lost his life when a hospital tried to ‘pull
the plug’ on him because he was considered brain-dead, is ready to leave the
–A new Planned Parenthood facility in Queens, New York, is receiving a
prestigious, national health care design award.
–A recently reunited mother and son in New Mexico are now under scrutiny by
authorities for having an incestuous relationship. They insist they are in love
and should be allowed to indulge in this affair. The pair want to become
activists for the idea of genetic sexual attraction believing that their
relationship and others like it should be considered perfectly normal.
–ISIS and Shariah police stickers have been showing up on police cars in Hamburg,
–German intelligence has been warning about hit squads among refugees.
–The former director of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency believes Islamic
State terrorists are already existing in the United States though exact numbers
are unclear due to the Obama administration’s efforts to downplay and hide
information about this threat.
–44 year incumbent Phyllis Kahn loses the Democratic primary for her statehouse
district in Minnesota to a 33 year old Somali community organizer.
–The meat you eat may be Halal but the USDA will not label it as such.
–Intelligence reports produced by the U.S. Central Command that track the Islamic
State’s 2014 and 2015 rise in Iraq and Syria were skewed to present a rosier
picture of the situation on the ground according to a report released by a House
Republican task force.
–A Mississippi woman who once sought to disguise a planned journey to join ISIS
as her honeymoon was sentenced to 12 years in prison on a terrorism charge.
–A state court in Minnesota has decided that in America, its American inheritance
law that applies.
–Muslims in Sterling Heights, Michigan, sue the city for alleged civil rights
violations after the city planning commission voted unanimously to reject a
mega-mosque in a residential area.
–Hillary Clinton says she’ll keep us safe from terrorism yet she can’t even keep
her own stage safe from terrorism as she recently had the father of the Orlando
jihadist sit behind her on stage.
–The German government has proposed weakening doctor-patient confidentiality laws
and has encouraged doctors to report any patients who may show signs of
preparing to commit an act of terrorism.
–A number of police stations in Belgium that don’t have security gates are
closing their doors to the public after two officers were attacked by a machete
wielding Islamist earlier this month.
–Bulgaria has stepped up its plans of adding a 20 mile long wall along its border
with Greece and Turkey.
–Despite human rights complaints against Saudi Arabia over its military campaign
in Yemen, the U.S. State Department has approved a 1.15 billion dollar sale of
military equipment to the Saudi kingdom including over 130 battle tanks.
–The U.S. Air Force is struggling to fill a shortage of 700 fighter pilots by the
end of this year.
–A Marine commandant says this is the first time since WWII that air strikes are
a threat to U.S. troops.
–China’s South China Sea project is moving along smoothly and quickly. New
photos show they aren’t just building an island but instead they’re building a
strategic airbase.
–A military court has decided that it can determine whether a certain religious
practice is important enough to be protected.
–The Southern Poverty Law Center, who’s targeting Alabama Supreme Court Justice
Roy Moore to be censored and removed from office, filed a complaint with the
Alabama Judicial Inquiry Commission in early May seeking to remove him. A trial
date has been set for September to determine Moore’s fate.
–A key player behind what has been described as an orchestrated attack on
conservative justices on the Alabama Supreme Court, is himself now on the
defense after being named in an Alabama Bar Association complaint for allegedly
making unethical statements about his targets.
–Hillary Clinton is being sued by the parents of the Benghazi victims.
–A joint FBI/U.S. Attorney probe of the Clinton Foundation is underway.
–Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland apologized for saying that the death of
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia happened at a good time.
–A new report indicates that the Temple Institute, that is dedicated to
reestablishing the Holy Temple in Jerusalem announced that they will be opening
a school for training Levitical priests for their eventual service in a new
–World Vision lost two of their largest donors this week after the organization’s
Gaza Strip director was accused of diverting millions of dollars in cash to
–Iran bans Pokemon.

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