Making a Difference

​Date:    August 17, 2016
Host:     Jim Schneider  
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​After giving a brief history of Crosstalk and the incident that led to the program becoming a reality, Jim noted how, in spite of all the issues that have been discussed over the years, the world is not getting better.

From Ezekiel we know that the role of a watchman is to sound an alarm when danger is approaching. If the warning was given and the people didn’t heed it, their blood was on their own hands. On the other hand, if the watchman saw the danger coming and didn’t sound an alarm, then the blood of the people was on his own hands. So like a ‘watchman on the wall’, Crosstalk shares information on a daily basis to keep you informed and warn you of danger.

Is this effort fruitful and showing results? Jim reminded listeners that we are not called to produce results but to be faithful. He gave the example of the prophet Jeremiah who continued to sound the alarm, warning the people about backsliding while urging them to repent. Unfortunately they ignored his calls and he was the one that ended up being apprehended and even beaten at times and thrown into a pit, all due to the positions he took.

In the spirit of Matthew 5:16 Jim asked listeners, ‘What are you doing to make a difference?’ This is a critical question because Christians are sometimes accused of ‘talking the talk’ but not ‘walking the walk’. As this program proves, that’s not the case with many Crosstalk listeners. So if the Holy Spirit has been convicting you regarding what you can do to make a difference, let the ideas shared on this Crosstalk be a blessing to you.  

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