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Date: September 1, 2016
Jim Schneider 
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​Despite all the attention to negative and threatening events in the news, it is also good to step back and look at stories that have a positive bent to them.  After collecting these stories for some time, this program is an opportunity for to share them with Crosstalk listeners.  Here is a summary of some of those stories:

A Federal judge in Texas has barred the Obama Administration from requiring public schools to open their rest rooms to those of the opposite sex, who say they “feel like” they are of the sex not represented at their birth.  The judge said the administration did not follow proper procedures in creating the directive, and thus it is unconstitutional. especially since the word “Sex” in existing law obviously refers to biological sex from birth, and not some perceived gender.

The “E” television network announced the cancellation of a television documentary series detailing the transgender change of former Olympic medalist Bruce Jenner to “Caitlin Jenner”.

Anthony Stevens, a funeral home mortician in the Detroit area was fired, after announcing he would have a sex change and come to work as a woman, who would then be wearing women’s clothing. Anthony, now calling himself “Aimee Australia Stephens “, challenged the firing with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), saying it was discriminatory.  The funeral home had challenged the rule based on the religious Freedom Restoration Act, and U.S. District Court Judge Judge Sean F. Cox agreed.

The Palmdale, California school district has backed off from their ban on Bible verses being shared by one student with others.  According to the ban, the verses, given to the child by his mother, were only to be shared after school hours, and on a pubic sidewalk away from the school building, because someone might be offended. The school even dispatched a deputy sheriff to the child’s home to enforce the directive.   After being contacted by Liberty Counsel, the policy was changed to allow distribution to anyone desired, during non-instructional times—even within the school building, and the student could even invite other students to join him to talk about it after school.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation challenged a Texas court which allowed a volunteer chaplain to read from the Bible, and opened court sessions with an invocation.  A judge gave a written interpretation of existing law saying the law does not forbid such voluntary activities, even in a courtroom.

A Ten Commandments monument on the grounds of a courthouse in Maryland will remain after a lawsuit against it was dropped.

A pair of conjoined twins in England, who were not expected to survive their first year, were separated and are doing well at age four.  They are now preparing for their first day of school.

A Planned Parenthood Clinic in Grand Chute, Wisconsin, where abortions were suspended months ago due to staffing concerns, will not be re-opening.

Also in Wisconsin, the number of abortions reported in the state has been decreasing steadily for several years.

Jaxon Buell was born with his head and brain only partially formed, and was not expected to survive the pregnancy, nor to live beyond two months, and even if he did, to ever perform any normal functions of an infant.  But he was allowed to live by his Christian parents.  Now a year old, he has earned the nickname, “Jax Strong”, and has proven the predictions to be wrong.

A five-year-old New Jersey boy saved his allowance for seven months to purchase lunch for his local police department.  He wanted them to be able to rest and to be healthy.  The police treated him to a ride in a police car, complete with flashing lights and siren.

An autistic boy in Florida was surprised when a college football hero who was visiting the school, decided to sit next to him at lunch in his school cafeteria, where he was eating alone.  As a result, now all the children want to eat with him.

Louisiana flooding has been overwhelming with destruction and lives lost.  But a “Cajun” navy and “Cajun” marine corps of civilians were formed to help their neighbors.

In Milwaukee, in the same neighborhood where rioting was taking place with burning buildings, another activity was taking place–Child Evangelism Fellowship Five-Day Clubs–some of them during the rioting.  A building across the street was damaged, and they were warned to leave immediately after the club meeting.  But nobody was hurt, and several children were counseled about faith in Jesus Christ.

Listeners called in to share their own “good news” stories.

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