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Date: September 2, 2016
Host: Jim Schneider 
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​A sampling of news items from this past week were reported, among them the following:

–Barack Obama has now commuted the sentences if 110 inmates, in addition to hundreds more earlier–more than the past two presidents combined.  Many had been convicted of drug and other violent crimes, and many of those crimes included the use of a firearm.  This does not match Mr. Obama’s rhetoric after every major shooting incident saying we need to get the guns off the streets.

–But a leaked document from a George Soros-supported organization includes a goal to reduce incarceration rates.  Another similar document states that recent police killings provide an opportunity to create a national police force, with another goal of reducing incarceration rates.

–In Chicago, the murder rate is skyrocketing, despite some of the strictest gun regulations in the country.

–A number of international and UN agencies have sent a letter recommending that the UN hold a “Safe Abortion Day”.  But Jim asks how can abortion be safe when there is always a fatality. He says to make it safe we would need to remove the word “abortion”, to truly make it a “safe” day for the unborn babies, and for their mothers.

–Meanwhile, Crosstalk continually receives press releases documenting emergencies at abortion clinics across the nation, which required emergency vehicles to be called to take the victim to a hospital.  In some of these cases, the woman does not survive.

–Also, despite the evidence presented in the unedited videos released in 2015 showing Planned Parenthood representatives admitting–in fact sometimes bragging–about the harvesting of baby parts from aborted babies for payment, including some instances where the organs are taken before the baby has died.  Yet while undercover videos by news organizations revealing government or other corruption are praised as being good investigative journalism, these videos which do the same are attacked as being illegal.

–In Wisconsin, a group of state legislators are asking for an investigation of Planned Parenthood after it was revealed they had

–The National institutes of Health has announced the beginning of experiments, often using human embryos, to carry out the recent Obama Administration announcement that they will experiment in adding human cells to animal embryos, including the possibility of introducing human brain cells in the heads of animals.  Link to NIH to comment

–When ISIS territory is reclaimed, it is discovered that there are many mass graves, holding from several hundred to as many as 15,000 bodies in some locations, the result of the violent actions of ISIS to destroy non-Muslim people and institutions, especially those of Christians, when they overran those areas.

–ISIS has posted a video online showing children killing Kurdish fighters.

–In North Korea, a vice premier was executed because he slouched during a speech by that country’s  dictator Kim Jong Un, thus showing “disrespect” for the leader.

–Chinese investors are investing billions of dollars in U.S. real estate in several major metropolitan areas.

–Texas Christian University is giving credit to students who work at an abortion clinic, and encourages them to investigate and do reports on Planned Parenthood.

–The United Nations could take control of Internet domain names after the current agency, ICANN, is being denied non-profit status by the United States, thus opening the door for others to take over that function.

–The American Red Cross is condemning a police officer who prayed with flood victims, saying the Red Cross is not a religious organization, and does not allow religious activities in their facilities.

…..Plus many other stories were reported, and there were many others which could not be mentioned due to lack of time.

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