America’s Promised Transformation Continues

​​Date:     September 13, 2016
Host:     Jim Schneider  
Guest:   Mat Staver
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​Mat Staver is the founder and chairman of Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit litigation, education and policy organization dedicated to advancing religious liberty, the sanctity of human life and the family. Mat has over 230 published legal opinions. He has authored eight scholarly law review publications and 10 books including, ‘Faith & Freedom: A Complete Handbook for Defending Your Religious Rights’, ‘Same-Sex Marriage: Putting Every Household at Risk’ and ‘Eternal Vigilance: Knowing and Protecting Your Religious Freedom’. Mat is also the host of the radio broadcasts, ‘Faith and Freedom’ and ‘Freedom’s Call’.

This Crosstalk featured Mat as he presented listeners with details about numerous issues that have a direct or indirect legislative angle either at the state or federal level.

In just days, President Obama will unconstitutionally sign over control of the Internet to rogue, international operatives that don’t share American values. This would be an intentional circumvention of Congress and the rule of law.

The LGBT advocacy group known as the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) said the following in a recent report, ‘The Virginia Supreme Court said yesterday it will consider an appeal brought by the deplorable, anti-LGBTQ Liberty Counsel, challenging the Fairfax County school district’s LGBTQ inclusive non-discrimination policy. A county circuit judge dismissed the lawsuit in February.’

The problem is that Virginia has a law that has a list of non-discrimination categories and it doesn’t include sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression. Under Virginia law, you cannot add to the non-discrimination categories on a local level. Fairfax County ignored that and added sexual orientation, gender identity and gender expression to the policy as well as to the student handbook. The result would be possible punishment for violating that, either in your speech or if a teacher or student complains because a boy is in the girls rest room or locker room.

Additional discussion surrounding the transgender issue dealt with the NCAA’s decision to pull their championship games out of North Carolina for the 2016/2017 season and Massachusetts considering legislation to force public accommodations upon churches.

Other items of discussion centered around President Obama’s plans to unilaterally enter into an international climate change treaty with China and the U.N. without Senate approval; the president’s consideration of a U.N. gun treaty ratification; the Department of Homeland Security determining whether or not to take over elections; the entrance of Syrian refugees into our nation and pro-life centers in California being told that they have to use a specific statement that says you can obtain low-cost or no-cost reproductive health care that includes contraception as well as abortion.

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To contact your senators and congressmen on these issues call 202-224-3121 (Senate) and 202-225-3121 (Congress).

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