News Roundup 9-23-16

​​​Date:     September 23, 2016
Host:     Jim Schneider  
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​Jim Schneider passed along the following stories picked up by numerous news services:

–The first reported case of euthanasia for a minor took place in recently in
–Child euthanasia center to open in the Netherlands soon.
–Chinese women in their 7th, 8th and even 9th month of pregnancy are being taken
from their homes and strapped to tables where doctors abort their unborn
–A bill currently under review by the D.C. Council would legalize physician
assisted suicide.
–Republican Oklahoma Senator James Lankford introduced a nationwide ban on
dismemberment abortions (S-3306).
–A new abortion facility in Oklahoma City hopes to perform 1,500 abortions during
their first year of business.
–The House Select Panel on Infant Lives has voted to hold a fetal tissue
procurement company in contempt of Congress for stonewalling its investigation
into the harvesting and sale of aborted baby body parts.
–Gloria Steinem supports abortion because she believes forced child birth is the
single biggest cause of global warming.
–70% of the Charlotte rioters are allegedly coming from outside the state.
–A CNN reporter was assaulted during a live shot at the Charlotte riots.
–A photographer was allegedly unconscious during the Charlotte riots as people
tried tossing him into a fire.
–The Massachusetts Supreme Court dismissed the gun conviction of a black man
arrested by Boston police ruling that his fleeing from officers can be
considered legitimate given the fear black males have of being racially
–Louis Farrakhan tells President Obama that he failed to to what he should have
done in reference to people in Chicago.
–The top executive of a Dallas, Texas, fraternal police group is suing a
collection of prominent individuals and an organization that advocates violence
against cops for their alleged incitement to commit racial violence against
police officers throughout the U.S.
–President Obama speaks troubling words to the U.N. General Assembly,
particularly in regard to climate change.
–The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has issued a new regulation
that requires all shelters or housing facilities that receive federal funding
to let transgender individuals have access to those shelters or facilities based
on their gender identity rather than their biological sex.
–Beginning November 1st, all sailors will be required to undergo transgender
behavioral education.
–Seattle’s Children’s Hospital will be opening a gender clinic next month so that
adolescents as young as 8 years old can receive access to services such as
puberty blockers, hormone therapy and mental health support.
–A federal judge has dismissed a challenge to a North Carolina law that says
magistrates with religious objections can refuse to marry same-sex couples.
–A California law allows convicted sex offenders to volunteer on public school
campuses with written permission from school officials.
–6 Democratic lawmakers have written the secretary of the Department of Veterans
Affairs urging the removal of a rule banning VA coverage of sex-transition
surgeries for veterans.
–A superior court judge in Arizona has adopted the position that gay rights
outweigh the First Amendment protection for the free exercise of religion.
–If you are an uninsured American who has yet to sign up for Obamacare, you may
be receiving a letter from the IRS this year suggesting that you enroll.
–An internal Obama administration e-mail shows immigration officials may be
working overtime to swear in as many new citizen voters as possible for the
upcoming election.
–California Governor Jerry Brown is considering whether to sign a bill that would
allow tens of thousands of incarcerated felons to vote while continuing to deny
the vote to others.
–The Obama administration opposes states verifying citizenship status of
registered voters.
–Tuesday evening the Senate voted to proceed to the continuing resolution a bill
that would allegedly fund the government until December 9th. The only problem is
that the bill that they voted on hasn’t been drafted yet.
–McDonald’s outsources the jobs of 70 white collar professionals in Ohio to
foreign H-1B workers.
–Texas says they are withdrawing from the U.S. refugee resettlement program.
–Billionaire George Soros is pledging to invest up to 500 million dollars in
start-ups, established companies, social impact initiatives and businesses
started by refugees and migrants.
–Migrants flood into Italy while the number of Italians moving from their home
country more than doubled between 2010 and 2014
–President Obama tells the U.N. that Israel cannot permanently occupy
‘Palestinian land’.
–King Abdullah of Jordan warns Israel that they will be in a sea of hatred if
they don’t accept a Palestinian state.
–Any of the continuing resolutions that would claim not to want to give away the
Internet to the U.N. or some other international authority may be dead on
–The Wausau, Wisconsin, school board will be holding a meeting this Monday at 5pm
about putting rules into effect that would bring the whole transgender issue not
only into rest rooms, locker rooms and showers but to overnight field trips
as well.
–Hundreds of school districts across the nation have taken a pledge to pronounce
the names of students correctly to avoid the micro-aggression of
–Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is threatening to shut down government if they try
to pass a continuing resolution that would stop them from giving away the
Internet to an international body.

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