News Roundup 10-14-16

​​​​​​​Date:     October 14, 2016
Host:     Jim Schneider  
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​National and world news headlines were the order of the day once again as Jim presented another news round-up and comment edition of Crosstalk.  Stories included:

–Russian President Putin tells top Russian officials, politicians and their
  children overseas to return home to the motherland.
–Turkish Deputy Prime Minister warns that the proxy wars between the U.S. and
  Russia could signal the reemergence of worldwide conflict between the two cold-
  war superpowers.
–Russia plans to expand its supply base in the Syrian port city of Tartus into a
  permanent naval base.
–U.S. military launches cruise missiles at coastal radar sites in areas of Yemen
  controlled by Iran aligned Houthi forces.
–Iran deploys two war ships in response to the U.S. cruise missile firing.
–A prominent Iranian official warns the West that they have 9 million troops who
  could be deployed to battle lines in under 10 days.
–Insurgent groups like Hezbollah and ISIS have learned how to weaponize
  surveillance drones and use them against each other which adds a news twist to
  the civil war in Syria.
–Major media outlets have some explaining to do after the latest WikiLeaks e-mail
  release alleges reporters, editors and contributors not just advocating for
  Hillary Clinton but apparently colluding with her campaign.
–Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager, John Podesta, said in an e-mail that Hillary
  has begun to hate every-day Americans.
–A new theory has emerged that Hillary Clinton and her ‘latchkeys’ are linked to
  the death of Antonin Scalia.
–On March 4th, 2015, Congress issued a subpoena for Hillary Clinton’s private e-
  mail server that illegally contained classified information.  Thanks to
  WikiLeaks, that same day we know State Department officials were still
  discussing which e-mails to delete apparently to avert the subpoena.  By March
  10th, Clinton had announced that she had deleted nearly 32,000 e-mails from a
  private server that could have been used for a congressional investigation.  She
  claimed they had been deleted much earlier.
–An e-mail released in last week’s WikiLeaks dump sent by former Secretary of
  State Hillary Clinton and received by John Podesta, who was then counselor to
  President Obama from 2014-2015, discusses and exposes intelligence sources on
  the ground in Libya and Iraq.  Podesta is now the chairman of Clinton’s
  presidential campaign.
–The massive WikiLeaks dump also uncovered a February 2015 e-mail sent from Bill
  Clinton’s personal Chief of Staff, Tina Flournoy, who informed John Podesta that
  all donations from foreign governments were in.
–Behind closed doors, Hillary Clinton told bankers she favors open trade and open
–In a new undercover video released yesterday, U.S. Senate candidate Russ
  Feingold of Wisconsin seems to relish the idea that Hillary Clinton could
  issue executive orders that would erode the 2nd Amendment.
–An undercover video campaign aimed at exposing voter fraud has caught a campaign
  staffer for Hillary Clinton confessing that ripping up voter registration forms
  if they’re for Republicans is fine.
–An overwhelming majority of Muslim Americans favor Hillary Clinton over Donald
–The new U.N. Chief, Antonio Guterres, has now been promoted to the top post at
  the U.N. replacing Ban Ki-moon as secretary general.
–Israel suspends relations with UNESCO after they adopted 2 resolutions on
  annexed East Jerusalem ahead of a final vote next week.
–The U.S. State Department to resume funding to UNESCO.
–Trump responds to UNESCO by saying he will work to have Jerusalem
  internationally recognized as Israel’s capital and would move our embassy
  currently in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
–Acting Justice Lyn Stuart and Justice Michael Bolin have summoned Chief Justice
  Roy Moore’s head law clerk and 2 other law clerks and terminated them.
–Just 2 years after striking down the state’s law criminalizing sodomy, the Chief
  Judge of the Alabama Court of the Judiciary who also serves as an elder and
  Bible teacher at the Church at Brook Hills joined his colleagues in their
  unanimous decision to suspend Chief Justice Roy Moore.
–Under a provision in Massachusetts, the attorney general has claimed that houses
  of worship are places of public accommodation and members cannot therefore
  express even ideas concerning religious expression regarding biological sex and
  gender identity.
–The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) has threatened to penalize Johns Hopkins
  University if it does not denounce a report from two of the institutions
  scholars who concluded that there’s little scientific evidence that people are
  born gay or transgender.
–The Interior Department and National Parks Service held a conference call to
  announce a renewed effort to tell a more inclusive story of our nation’s history
  by giving places around the nation connected to the homosexual movement certain
  historic designations.
–A mathematician and software engineer has filed a lawsuit in Texas naming dozens
  of environmental groups and others seeking to influence public action and
  expenditures regarding global warming programs in an action alleging violations
  of RICO.
–Death threats made against a Canadian journalist for reporting on Muslim sex
  attacks on high school girls.
–A devout Muslim stopped on a busy highway, got out with his prayer rug, took off
  his shoes, washed his feet, turned to Mecca and prayed for 10 minutes while cars
  dodged around the stopped bus full of children.
–An ISIS flag found stitched to the inside of a baggage handler’s glove.
–Muslim arrested for threats at a D.C. airport.
–22 year old man arrested for allegedly making threats at Reagan National
–Muslims hold a moment of silence to honor a terrorist at a Palestinian-Arab
  league soccer game yesterday.
–Students at Neenah High School in Neenah, Wisconsin, are learning a lesson in
  current events from a nationally known U.S./Islamic relations expert who just
  happens to be a Neenah graduate.
–The Satanic Temple of Seattle has announced that they plan to start an after
  school Satan club at Point Defiance Elementary School in Washington State’s
  Tacoma Public School District.
–A petition drive is underway in Florida to place a measure on the 2018 ballot
  that would amend the state constitution to criminalize abortion as murder.
–2 California medical companies connected to Planned Parenthood are facing a
  lawsuit that claims they illegally profited off the sales of aborted baby body
–The political arm of Planned Parenthood is beginning a 30 million dollar effort
  to encourage voters to turn out for the presidential contest and senate races in
  targeted states.
–Mike Pence says we will defund Planned Parenthood and reverse Roe v. Wade.

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