What the Bible Says about the Global Rise of the Marxists and Muslims in the Last Days

​ ​Date:     October 27, 2016
 Host:      Gordon Morris
 Guest:   Brannon Howse
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​Brannon Howse is the president and founder of Worldview Weekend, and is the host of Worldview Weekend Radio on VCY America each weekday at 1:00pm Central Time. This Crosstalk program features portions of a message delivered by Brannon at a VCY America Rally September 17, 2019.

Brannon started his talk by reviewing many recent headlines that show Islam growing around the world through tactics mandated by the Qur’an, and also moves being made by Vladimir Putin to increase the influence of Russia in the Middle East, and also support of Islamic militants through funding and weapons.

Basing his presentation on the prophecy of Ezekiel, Brannon showed the many parallels between the prophet’s view of the last days, and fast-paced events of today. Even the countries named by Ezekiel exist today and are in the center of world events. While not setting dates, he explained that it appears that the stage is being set for some of the major events predicted, not only by Ezekiel, but also Daniel and the book of Revelation.

Despite all the threats facing the world, and the United States in particular, Brannon is not discouraged, because he understands that God is orchestrating it all, and Biblical prophecy also shows that God will prevail, and those who are causing distress in the world will be judged in His wrath. His Will cannot be thwarted, the whole world will know His Name, which will be glorified. But, Brannon also stressed that it is vital for people to come to faith in Christ, so they will be able to go through the difficult days ahead victoriously.

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