News Roundup 10-28-16

​​Date:     October 28, 2016
 Host:      Jim Schneider
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​The program started with breaking news, as less than two hours before broadcast time the FBI has re-opened its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server, due to the release of more emails recently.

Among the other items included were

–Judicial Watch is filing a Freedom of Information request for FBI records about its investigation of Hillary Clinton’s email server.

–Emails show a close relationship between Hillary Clinton and her campaign and the Justice Department which is supposed to be overseeing the investigation of her email server

–Investigative reporter Daniel Halper has published a book, ”Clinton, Incorporated”, which reveal the strategy used by Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the deals they made to turn their political fortunes around and prepare a financial base for Hillary’s presidential race.

–Bill Clinton has touted Hillary Clinton’s relationship with Egyptian Muslim leaders in a 2015 speech.

–As tensions rise between Russia and the United States, Russia has successfully tested a nuclear ICBM with 16 warheads, so powerful that they could wipe out an area the size of Texas or France.

–Iran plans to purchase commercial airliners from Boeing, to convert them to military aircraft, with the assistance of the Obama administration. Iran has converted civilian aircraft–purchased earlier–to military use.

–Iran has built a number of mosques and Islamic centers in Latin America, including in Havana, Cuba, which are being used to provide support for Hezbollah’s global terrorist operations.

–Recent major polls show Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump in the coming election, but whatever the polls say, reports of potential voter fraud have come from many states, including swing states, and the concern is that even if that takes place, it will be difficult to prove.

–Meanwhile, voting machines in Chicago and other places have been reported to change votes from Republican to Democrat—even when a straight Republican ticket was selected, the Presidential vote was changed to Hillary Clinton. The excuse given was that there was a “calibration error”. Some voting machines have been pulled from service pending an investigation.

–In Virginia, some absentee ballots had a good deal of added material urging a vote for Democratic candidates, with no material urging a vote for Republican candidates.

–A pastor in Georgia who is suing the state for religious discrimination is being told to submit his sermons to the government. Of concern to the government were sermons or sermon notes dealing with creation, sexuality.

–In Iowa, a federal judge has ruled that churches are not “public” accommodations subject to civil rights regulations which would restrict what could be said in sermons, and require rest rooms be open to any who identify with a gender that is not their biological sex.

–the White House as now officially announced that in 2017 ObamaCare premiums will increase at least 25%–in some cases over 100%–but Barack Obama refuses to take responsibility, even though he promised repeatedly that premiums would go down. Meanwhile, the choice of plans is decreasing—in many cases down to just one choice.

–In a fundraiser speech in California this week, Barack Obama said there has not been a major scandal in his administration. But news reports have listed multiple scandals that have been revealed in the past eight years, but were not mentioned by Obama.

–Migrants claiming to be children were bussed into the U.K., and now it is found that some claiming to be 12-year-old orphans are actually 21 years old, with a desire to commit Jihad.

–Europeans are now being told that since the influx of Muslim “immigrants”, they must accept the fact that their countries are changing forever.

–Barack Obama has now commuted the sentences of over 90 additional criminals—nearly half of which were obviously violent offenders, often using guns in their crimes. Over 600 such inmates have been freed by Obama just this year, and he has released three times as many as the last two presidents combined.

–A terminally-ill mother has been diagnosed with a serious disease, which is causing her body to deteriorate. Her insurance company will not cover the cost of drugs to keep her alive, but will pay for a drug to kill her, with a co-pay of just over $1.00.

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