News Roundup 11-04-16

​​ Date:       November 4, 2016
 Host:       Jim Schneider
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​This news roundup program featured the following stories:

–In a speech, President Obama communicates that presidents have the power to
violate the Constitution.
–In the same speech, President Obama notes that a Marine can serve his country
without hiding the husband he loves.
–The decision by FBI Director James Comey to reopen the investigation into
Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server and her handling of classified material came
after he could no longer resist mounting pressure by FBI agents described as
–Democrats now piling on James Comey after praising him in the past.
–Obama’s Chief Advisor, Valerie Jarret has urged the president to fire Comey
according to a source close to Jarrett.
–Clinton Aide Huma Abedin swore under oath that she gave up all the devices with
the State Department e-mails.
–Will President Obama pardon Hillary Clinton before he leaves office?
–Federal authorities battled over the direction of the Clinton e-mail
–Is Attorney General Loretta Lynch preparing a November surprise?
–The FBI is indicating that there could be an indictment of Hillary Clinton.
–The Obama administration’s turning over of a Port Canaveral terminal to the
United Arab Emirates-based Gulftainer gets virtually no attention.
–Secretary of State John Kerry has hinted that he may be involved in one final
push regarding the Palestinian/Israeli situation.
–The Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corp is sending assets to infiltrate the U.S.
and Europe at the direction of Iran’s supreme leader.
–A former Russian military leader who is now the chief of the Defense and
Security Committee for the state Duma is warning that there is a high
probability of a direct confrontation between Russia and America over Syria.
–U.S. spreads military influence to Norway as it pushes Russia to the brink of
–Russian naval contingency lead by a missile cruiser has arrived in the
Mediterranean Sea from the Atlantic Ocean.
–Nearly half of Russians fear that Moscow’s bombing campaign in Syria could start
World War III.
–Turkey has finished a 167 mile stretch of a 10 foot high concrete wall along the
Syrian border and expects to complete the 560 mile project by mid-2017.
–Lithuania issues updated Russian invasion advice booklets.
–NATO holding an emergency exercise drill in Montenegro.
–The top official of the U.S. military told troops that the recent anti-American
comments by the Philippine president will have no effect on America’s growing
presence in the Pacific region.
–Japan mulls deal to retrieve Russian held isles by banning the U.S. military
from utilizing those isles.
–The U.S. State Department has ordered civilian family members of the consulate
staff in Istanbul to leave Turkey entirely due to escalating terror threats.
–A privacy rights defender calls on AT&T to shut down a telephone spy operation
it has rented out to police agencies.
–There’s a 50% chance that a photo of your face is in at least one database used
in facial recognition systems for police.
–Fears are growing for the safety of North Korea’s first lady.
–Disney, which replaced more than 200 of its I.T. Workers with foreigners last
year and made the axed American workers train their own replacements, was not
listed by the government as a violator of H1-B Visa program.
–A bio-tech company seeks to profit from identifying babies with Down Syndrome
for abortion.
–A new scandal involves Planned Parenthood and the election in North Carolina.
–This week Arizona state attorneys agreed not to enforce a new state law that
would stop taxpayer funds from going to Planned Parenthood in exchange for
Planned Parenthood dropping its lawsuit against the law.
–More pregnant girls and women are taking dangerous chemicals to terminate their
–Hillary Clinton claimed she’s a strong advocate for children and families.
–Pro-life students at Northern Kentucky University discovered that their display
of crosses representing babies lost to abortion had been destroyed.
–Police in Pakistan tortured a 9 year old Christian boy accused of burning the
Qur’an while he and his mother were detained for 4 days.
–Toronto’s police Muslim chaplain says marrying a 9 year old girl is permissible
in Islam.
–A teenage migrant was arrested after breaking into the hospital to sexually
assault a female patient.
–German terror police foil another ISIS airport attack.
–Does the U.N. plan to turn the world into an Islamic colony?
–The Obama administration has resettled 9,935 refugees in the U.S. in October.
–Canada’s immigration minister has declared that the nation will rapidly increase
immigration rates with targets close to half a million people per year.
–Australia is planning to ban illegal migrants forever.
–Several schools across the nation to close on election day due to possible
violence in the halls.
–Newly released e-mails seem to show a State Department official coordinating
with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign before her use of a private e-mail
to conduct government business was revealed.
–Clinton’s Campaign Chairman, John Podesta, last year signed a $7,000 per-month
contract with the foundation of a major Clinton donor who made a fortune selling
a type of mortgage that some critics say contributed to the housing collapse.
–The ACLJ has sued the Justice Department to obtain more information about
Attorney General Loretta Lynch’s June meeting with former President Bill Clinton
on the tarmac at an Arizona airport days before her agency dropped its
investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of private e-mails.
–A 3 judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld the 2012
designation of the Bearded Seal as a threatened species because U.N. climate
models show that global warming would almost certainly destroy their habitat by
–A U.N. group is investigating allegations of human rights abuses by North Dakota
law enforcement against Native American protestors, with indigenous leaders
testifying about acts of war they observed during mass arrest at an oil pipeline
–Jonathan Gruber, one of the architects of Obamacare, feels it doesn’t need to be
fixed, it just needs a larger mandate penalty.

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