News Roundup 12-16-16

​Date:      December 16, 2016
Host:      Jim Schneider
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​This week’s news round-up program took listeners around the world by focusing in on the following headlines:

–President Obama says the U.S. will take action against Russia over alleged cyber
attacks on Democratic officials although no proof was offered.
–The Obama State Department spent $350,000 for campaign infrastructure that was
used against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel’s election.
–President-elect Donald Trump is challenging the administration over its public
investigation into the hacks of the Democrats during the election. He’s
wondering why the administration began acting on alleged hacks only after
Hillary Clinton lost.
–U.N Ambassador John Bolton said he doesn’t trust President Obama’s intelligence
agencies to make a clear, objective conclusion that the Russians hacked the DNC.
–President Obama denounced the conspiracy theory that Russia successfully
tampered with America’s voting process but now he’s going after it.
–The electoral college vote to take place on Monday.
–Facebook trying to deal with so-called ‘fake news’.
–The nuclear agreement known as The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action Agreement,
effective as of October 18th, 2015, clearly stipulates that Iran should not
undertake any ballistic missile activity until 8 years after the adoption day.
Not only is Iran avoiding honoring the stipulation, their ballistic missile
operations have gone up significantly and there has been no criticism from the
Obama administration.
–Trump chooses Exxon CEO Rex Tillerson for Secretary of State, Montana
Representative Ryan Zinke for Interior Secretary, Ronna Romney McDaniel for RNC
Chair and Former Texas Governor Rick Perry for Energy Secretary.
–Senate Democrats scramble to prevent two of their members from taking a post in
the Trump administration.
–Bernie Sanders calls Hillary Clinton the most unpopular presidential candidate
in history.
–Attorney and Advisor David Friedman to be nominated by Trump to the post of
U.S. Ambassador to Israel. Friedman supports moving the U.S. embassy from Tel
Aviv to Jerusalem.
–Iranian Supreme Ayatollah accuses the U.S. of creating crises to divert
attention away from the issue of Palestine.
–Kazakhstan asks Israel to help them fight terror.
–Hillary Clinton asks federal court to dismiss a lawsuit against her in relation
to Benghazi.
–Officials at FBI headquarters instructed its New York field office to continue
its corruption investigation into the Clinton Foundation.
–Attorney General Loretta Lynch yesterday addressed the possibility of President
Obama issuing a pardon for illegal immigrants brought to the U.S. as minors.
–Evanston, Illinois, has pledged itself to be home for illegal aliens who want to
be shielded from federal immigration law.
–Ohio lawmakers have approved a bill that opens the way for licensed gun owners
to carry concealed weapons on college campuses.
–Ohio State University students wish to add the name of Abdul Razak Ali Artan
to a list of individuals of color who have been wrongly killed by law
enforcement officials over the past two months.
–Senate Committee refers Planned Parenthood to FBI and Department of Justice for
investigation and possible prosecution.
–Ohio Governor Kasich vetoes ‘heartbeat bill’.
–Judge blocks rule in Texas that would stop sale of baby body parts by requiring
that abortion clinics give aborted babies a proper burial or cremation.
–Americans United for Life issues a report examining the dangerous conditions in
abortion clinics and calls for further investigations.
–A group of Missouri pro-lifers calls on the state to investigate and close a St.
Louis Planned Parenthood after documents revealed frequent ambulance responses
to the facility .
–The Ohio Senate passes HB470 that makes assisting suicide a felony.
–Britain gives the OK to create babies from the DNA of 3 people.
–More than 50,000 Americans died from drug overdoses last year, the largest
amount ever.
–The entire police force has walked off the job in Bunker Hill, Indiana, citing
the town council as the reason. The officers allege that the city
will not spend the necessary funds to provide officers with body armor.
–Over 1,000 British Muslims block off a central square in London, calling for a
caliphate while yelling ‘Allahu Akbar!’
–A strategy that has surfaced in several states to require churches to
accommodate transgender people by calling their buildings places of public
accommodation has been reversed in Massachusetts after state officials were sued
over the alleged constitutional violations.
–An employee of Target is arrested in Columbus, Ohio, after a 12 year old boy
reported that the employee was taking video of unsuspecting customers in the
store’s restroom.
–National Geographic’s January issue will deal with the gender revolution.
–The lawyer representing a Kentucky print shop owner that chose not to print gay
pride festival T-shirts argued in a hearing this week that the government cannot
force a person to create speech against their beliefs.
–A St. Cloud, Minnesota, couple is suing state officials seeking to make sure
that they will not be pushed to promote same-sex marriage in their film making.
–A Boca Raton, Florida, community is in disbelief after a pentagram display
reading, ‘In Satan we trust’, is placed in the middle of Sanborn Square.
–President Obama is forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood.
–George Stephanopoulos’ 14 year-old daughter screamed out, ‘no abortion!’ after
realizing Donald Trump was going to win the election.
–A United Arab Emirates company has manufactured an implanted microchip that
allows a person to make payments with a swipe of the hand.    

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