ICR Discovery Center for Science and Earth History

​Date:         January 2, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:      Dr. Henry Morris III
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​​Dr. Henry Morris III is the chief executive officer of the Institute for Creation Research. He has served as a former college professor, administrator, business executive and senior pastor. He is the eldest son of ICR’s founder, Dr. Henry Morris. He has authored numerous articles and books.

A discovery center for science and earth history is a project that has been on the heart of Dr. Morris as CEO for at least 5 years. In fact, such a project was on his father’s heart almost 40 years ago. Rather than just a museum, he’s wanted to build a discovery center where you can return and find more information as well as take in stunning exhibits with everything from holograms to roaming dinosaurs. The idea is to provide the data available so that those who really want to learn may absorb as much as they like.

One offering at the new discovery center will be a planetarium with 3-D imaging. Dr. Jason Lisle is the brains behind the material. Through the planetarium, visitors will be able, for example, to take a trip down the Grand Canyon. In other words, anything you can put on visual imagery will be part of the planetarium.

There will also be a fossil dig site so that younger people can participate and actually ‘spade out’ items that they can take home with them.

Plans also call for an Ice Age theater with state of the art filming.

While not trying to compete with Ken Ham’s Noah’s Ark, the discovery center will have a display depicting a section of the ark that will give a perspective of how it was designed.

A ‘men of science’ area will show how modern science has as its founders, young earth creationists. These are men who were convinced that Scripture was the basis for science and that without biblical authority, you can’t really do science.

Discussion also looked at the ‘Room of Significance’. Each of the exhibits will focus on a facet of Jesus Christ. It begins with Jesus as the Creator, then moves to Jesus the designer, Jesus the Redeemer, etc. Eventually you’ll see the victorious Jesus in hologram form in an exhibit that depicts Christ’s return.

After touring the discovery center, visitors will have been exposed to the Gospel message from one end to the other. So while the facility will feature science, the science they will be exposed to is evidence for the accuracy of the Gospel message. Upon leaving, visitors will be faced with the fact that they’ve seen the evidence, now what are they going to do about it?

If this sounds exciting to you, keep your eyes on the Dallas, Texas, area where this project is underway. More information can be obtained by reviewing this Crosstalk broadcast and by visiting the Institute for Creation Research website at the link below.

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