Are Mosques Muslim Churches? Islam in America

​Date:          January 19, 2017
Host:          Jim Schneider
Guest:        John Guandolo
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​John Guandolo is a counter terrorism expert, a former FBI agent assigned to the counter-terrorism division who created and implemented the FBI’s first counter-terrorism training. He is the founder of and author of ‘Raising a Jihadi Generation’.

Does Islam mean ‘peace’? According to John, Islam means ‘submission’. A Muslim is an individual who submits to Islam and to submit to Islam is to submit to Allah, the god of Islam. To submit to Allah, then, is to submit to Sharia.

The reason that in elementary, junior high and high school textbooks in the Middle East, Europe and North America that they teach jihad as an obligation is because that’s what Islam requires. It’s required until the whole world is under Sharia. That comes from the Qur’an as well as Mohammed who the Qur’an teaches is the most perfect example of a man. So when you read about Mohammed fighting and slaying unbelievers, torturing and subjugating people and taking them captive, there’s no basis for saying that’s not Islamic behavior.

Islam does say that when the world is under a global caliphate/Sharia, then you have peace. So when the whole world is under Sharia, there will be no need for jihad.

Muslims know if you go too far too fast, that will bring trouble on the Muslim community. So they’re engaged in a slow, incremental process to attempt to bring nations like the U.S. into first accepting Sharia and finally implementing it.

At the same time we’re seeing a proliferation of mosque building around the U.S. and the world. Are these no different than Christian churches? In response, John described Islam as a complete way of life; social, cultural, military, political and religious, all governed by Sharia (Islamic) law. The mosque is the center of Islamic society. Sharia is adjudicated there, Islam is taught there, the community gathers there, battles are planned and launched there and water, food, weapons and ammunition are stored there. It’s done this way because that’s how Mohammed used the first mosque in Medina.

John has asked people if they’ve ever seen a mosque under construction. He had a couple of police officers describe the ground level structure. One officer replied that it looked as though they were building an embassy. The ground floor is about 40 inches thick, utilizing reinforced concrete. Why? As John noted, it’s because a mosque is an embassy to Muslims more than it’s a church.

Also, when Muslims build a mosque, they’re claiming territory. They essentially claim land amounting to a 3 mile radius around the mosque. So if you want to know why Muslims build 100 million dollar mosques in an area where there aren’t enough Muslims to fill the building, the answer is because that’s not their intent. Their intent is to claim the ground and proceed to occupy it.

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