What is the Muslim Brotherhood?

​Date:         February 15, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:       Thomas Quiggin
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​​Thomas Quiggin, a Canadian, is a court qualified expert on terrorism, and on the reliability of intelligence evidence. He served 15 years in the Canadian Forces, including time on the ground in the former Yugoslavia as an intelligence officer. He has more than 25 years of practical intelligence experience in a variety of positions including RCMP, the UN, Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and the International War Crimes Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

Islamists say that their beliefs should be accepted by all Muslims, and that they have the “God-given” right to use violence to reach their objectives. One of their main points of faith is that dying for Allah is their ultimate endeavor.

A variety of groups ascribe to the Islamist objective of imposing their politicized beliefs on others. Included in these are ISIS, al-Qaeda and Hizb ut-Tahrir. However, the largest and best organized of all the Islamist groups is the Muslim Brotherhood. They are the well-spring from which the Islamist ideology flows.

The Muslim Brotherhood say they plan to conquer Western Civilization from within. To do so they set up many front groups to gain influence in many areas of society, including students. They maintain a continuous position of being victims, no matter what incident they are describing—even if it is discovered that the violence was perpetrated by other Muslims.

“Islamophobia” was developed in Iran after the revolution there, to characterize those who refused to go along with demands to change and follow Sharia after generations of relative freedom in Iran.

North American Islamic Trust (NAIT) is a financial front group that holds many properties, including hundreds of mosques, and schools, using funding from Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries. It is used by the Muslim Brotherhood to provide financial pressure to enable them to take over hundreds of previously-independent mosques. This provides the vehicle to indoctrinate more Muslims in the radical teachings of the Muslim Brotherhood. Investigations have revealed that such teaching is not only available in such Mosques, but is actually the exclusive content of teaching and resource materials.

Senator Ted Cruz has re-introduced Senate bill S.68, to designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization, not because they actually blow things up themselves, but because they funnel funds to groups like Hamas who do practice violence. S.68 would not only have the effect of designating the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist entity, but it would also list three Muslim Brotherhood front groups: The Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR), the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA) and the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). In the case of the NAIT, the bill would ban it from any financial dealings, and from sending funds out of the country. It would stop individuals from donating through NAIT, and would cut off funding from NAIT for other Muslim organizations in this country and around the world.

Interestingly, some middle-east countries have already labeled the Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist.

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