News Roundup 2-17-17

​​​​Date:         February 17, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
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​Among the stories discussed were:

–The Washington State Supreme Court has decided that the state’s non-discrimination law overrides religious beliefs–even if it substantially burdens constitutional religious freedom rights. Essentially they are saying that Washington State law is superior to the U.S. Constitution.

The case involved a baker who refused, because of her Christian faith, to decorate a cake for a same-sex “wedding”. As she ran her business, the 72-year-old baker had hired homosexuals and served them equally as customers, as long as it did not involve expressing support for their homosexual lifestyle. The fees which the baker is now required to pay could reach one million dollars, and could close her business, and drain her asset–including her retirement savings.

It is expected that the case will be appealed to the U.S. Supreme court. Those fighting for the rights of the baker are dismayed at the silence from religious leaders to this attack on religious freedom.
–Former President Barack Obama has moved to a residence not far from the White House where he is now directing about 30,000 activists to protest the programs of the new president, Donald Trump.

–Freedom Watch head Larry Klayman is calling for an investigation of the CIA and other agencies for their involvement in leaks of information to damage the reputations and nominations of Trump appointees.

–President Trumps regulatory freeze is now in effect, blocking the implementation of rules published by the Obama administration that have not yet been activated.

–Senator Charles Schumer is appalled at the people nominated by President Trump, apparently because of their success in business that has actually allowed them to become wealthy. In a related matter, the confirmation of the Trump nominees is traveling at a snail’s pace, far slower than for any other administration.

–Fox News reports that sensitive intelligence is being withheld from President Trump by intelligence agencies, due to fears that it could be compromised.

–Conservatives in Congress are calling for speeding up the process of repealing “ObamaCare”, even as Republicans continue to debate how far to go, and what should replace it.

–Since President Trump issued his executive order to protect the interior of the United States, a number of cities that had declared themselves to be “sanctuary cities” for illegal immigrants, have now reversed their position.

–For months, large numbers of protestors have been camping in North Dakota to oppose the proposed oil pipeline, because of potential that oil would get into the water supply. But now, the North Dakota Governor has issued an emergency evacuation order for the protest camps, because the accumulation of months of human debris–including human waste, abandoned vehicles, and small buildings–is causing damage to the environment. Tow trucks are working around the clock to try to remove all the abandoned vehicles–some of which are leaking oil—before spring flooding moves them into the Missouri River, thus causing oil to get into the water supply.

–A Russian spy ship is now patrolling a few miles off the east coast near the large U.S Naval Base in Norfolk, Virginia.

–The missile launched in the latest North Korean test traveled farther than any ever before observed, coming down in the Sea of Japan.

–The House has voted to approve HJR-42 which would overturn the Obama administration’s rule prohibiting states from defunding Planned Parenthood and allocating the funds to other, pro-life medical facilities. If the Senate approves it, and Governor Trump signs it, states could make such decisions. Listeners can let their US. Senators know their views on this bill by calling the Senate at 202-224-3121.

–The Justice Department has indicated it would not continue supporting the recommendations made to public schools across the country that they open up their bathrooms and dressing rooms for those of the opposite gender who “believe” they should use the opposite gender’s facility.

–A Dutch doctor has administered life-ending drugs to an elderly patient, even calling on family members to restrain her while the doctor did the procedure. An Alzheimer’s patient, had not requested to have her life ended, but family members agreed to it in her place. However, despite several attempts to sedate her so the drug could be administered, continued to regain consciousness. When she became aware of what was happening, she obviously objected, even kicking the doctor in one incident. But the doctor said that even if the patient had spoken and said she did not want to be put to death, he would continue the procedure because it had been discussed “for a long time”  

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