News Roundup 2-24-17

Date:         February 24, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
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​Jim Schneider once again presented a full slate of news items for Crosstalk listeners. Stories included:

–President Trump takes aim at ISIS, pushed plans to combat illegal immigration,
vowed to repeal and replace Obamacare and rebuild the U.S. military during
Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC).
–Vice President Mike Pence quotes the Bible as he talks about his oath of office.
–Exorcists, witches and occultists are planning to bind President Trump beginning
tonight until he’s no longer in office.
–A total of 214 people involved in protests on inauguration day alone in downtown
Washington have been indicted on felony rioting charges.
–A new peace-loving, Trump-backing crowd in 60 towns across America to push
back against anti-Trump efforts.
–On Wednesday’s edition of MSNBC’s ‘Morning Joe’, Mika Brzezinski stated that
President Trump could have undermined the messaging so much that he could
actually control exactly what people think. She said that’s their job.
–Leaked tapes of CNN employees released by Project Veritas has CNN editors
claiming that there’s no debate on climate change while calling Fox News
–Gatestone Institute has come under smear campaigns from extremist websites and
the mainstream media.
–First Lady Melania Trump leads a crowd in the Lord’s Prayer at a Melbourne,
Florida, rally.
–President Trump takes another step to roll back government ‘red tape’, signing
an executive order requiring every federal agency to form a regulatory reform
task force that would root out regulations for repeal.
–President Trump reverses the Obama bathroom directive.
–Human Rights Campaign president condemns Trump administration decision to
rescind the Obama bathroom directive.
–Apple comes out publicly against Trump action concerning the bathroom directive.
–The American Federation of Teachers and the New York State United Teachers
issued statements calling for the administration to protect transgender
–LGBT inclusion and sex-ed for Kansas public schools.
–Alliance Defending Freedom is handling a case of a family owned beef company.
After seeing material touting unnatural marriage, the owner countered that by
placing a faith-based article in the break room. U.S. Department of Agriculture
meat inspectors asked him if he was going to leave that article on the break
room table. If he was, they would immediately remove the USDA inspectors from
the facility. Without them, the business would have to close, denying him his
livelihood and that of his 45 employees.
–Business owner Jack Philips stands to lose his livelihood after the Colorado
Civil Rights Commission ordered his bakery to either provide cakes for every
type of marital ceremony or close its doors.
–A New York-based group is asking Christians to favor LGBT equality and show
their support by wearing glitter ash on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday.
–Penn State professors being told to avoid assuming the gender of any students.
–The Arkansas Supreme Court strikes down a city’s ordinance that unlawfully added
sexual orientation and gender identity in the unanimous ruling.
–A mass exodus from the Boy Scouts is underway. As an alternative, Trail Life
USA can barely keep up with the demand.
–The race for DNC Chairman is underway.
–Norma McCorvey, the ‘Jane Roe’ of the historic Roe v. Wade case, has passed
–New legislation introduced in the Michigan State Senate and House would not only
defund Planned Parenthood, but would also dissolve any existing contracts with
the abortion group and prevent Michigan from contracting with other abortion
–Virginia’s Democratic governor vetoed a bill from the GOP majority state
legislature that would have defunded Planned Parenthood.
–Texas authorities that accused Planned Parenthood of selling fetal body parts
were told by a judge that you cannot withhold Medicaid money from the medical
–An average of 400 criminal illegal immigrants are being released every 10 days
by the newly elected sheriff in Arizona’s highest populated county.
–Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly ordered the director of U.S immigration
and customs enforcement to create a program to assist victims of crimes
committed by illegal aliens.
–A devout Muslim man plotted an Islamic State plan to cause mass casualties in an
attack in Kansas City.
–Sunday’s anti-Trump rally in New York City featured a Muslim Allahu Akbar call
to prayer and comparisons between President Trump and Hitler.
–Allahu Akbar becomes a rallying call across America.
–A ‘Christian’ university in Texas opens prayer room to Muslim students.
–A mega-mosque has been approved in Sterling Heights, Michigan, in the heart of a
residential area filled with Christians who escaped Muslim persecution in Iraq.

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