The Atheist Delusion Revisited 3-1-17

​Date:         March 1, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:       Ray Comfort
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​Ray Comfort is the founder and CEO of Living Waters and the best-selling author of more than 80 books including, ‘Hell’s Best Kept Secret’, ‘Scientific Facts in the Bible’ and ‘The Evidence Bible’. He co-hosts the television program, ‘The Way of the Master’. He’s also the executive producer on the movies, ‘Audacity’, ‘180’, ‘Evolution vs. God’ and others, which have been seen by millions. He has recently produced a brand new film, ‘The Atheist Delusion’.

The ‘Atheist Delusion’ is based upon one simple scientific question that destroys the idea of evolution. Ray went to a local college to make a film dealing with one of his books. There he met a man named Adam who was an atheist. Ray gave Adam a copy of his book and then asked him, ‘Do you think this book could have happened by accident?’ Adam noted that this is ridiculous. Ray then asked him what DNA is. Adam responded by describing how DNA is a program, it’s information and scientists call it the book of life. Ray then asked Adam how he feels about someone who believes that DNA, the book of life, made itself. Adam had no answer.

Ray admits that this approach will not convince fundamental, hard-nosed, sin loving atheists that use atheism as sort of a cloak to hide their sin, but for those wondering where there’s evidence for God’s existence, The ‘Atheist Delusion’ will help them.

Ray noted that atheists are angry about this movie. Their contention is that this is the ‘watchmaker’ argument. That argument communicates that if you’re walking along the beach and you find a watch on the seashore, you know that watch was built by a watchmaker; it didn’t come together by itself because it has design. However, to compare DNA to a watch is like comparing an elephant to a rock. DNA is biological, it’s living, it’s information. There’s no way that DNA could make itself.

Why does Ray use the term, ‘delusion’ in the title? It’s because the movie bounces off the title of Richard Dawkins book titled, ‘The God Delusion’. Dawkins thinks anyone who believes in God is delusional when in fact, Scripture says that if you love sin and you love the darkness, God will give you over to strong delusion. Ray believes it’s applicable because for those who do, God says he will hand them over to a reprobate mind. They give themselves over to the most heinous sins and their language is most disgusting.

In spite of the many negative reviews by atheists, Ray encourages them to write reviews because he believes any publicity is good publicity as Donald Trump knew when it comes to the secular media.

Ray communicated that atheists don’t see the Gospel as the power of God unto salvation. We do as Christians. The Gospel is the most powerful force in the universe as God transforms hearts. Each of us that passed from death to life came because of the Gospel. It never returns void. So as atheists review Ray’s movie, they include the Gospel. Even if they quote it mockingly, it’s still a two-edged sword that goes to where God sends it. The quality is in the seed and not how it’s sown.

Ray believes atheism is escalating because now more than ever before people have access to the darkest of sins. The more a person loves darkness, the more they will hate the light. So what atheism does is to provide a cloak for people to carry on with their sins. He noted Richard Dawkins who is a pied piper playing a tune this generation loves to hear. They’re given the theory of evolution by Dawkins which gives some sort of explanation as to how things got here, not as to what caused the so-called ‘Big Bang’. So people grab onto this, run with it and give themselves to sin.

This wouldn’t worry Ray if Hell didn’t exist. If it didn’t, Ray said he probably would have left New Zealand and gone to Australia to be a surf bum on a beach somewhere living a life of self indulgence. He said he can’t give his life to self indulgence because he knows that Hell does exist and like Paul said, ‘Wherefore knowing the terror of the Lord, we persuade men.’ So he’s using the Internet for good to take these movies that carry the Gospel to those who are in the shadow of death.

This program has much more to offer including comments both pro and con from Crosstalk callers.

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