News Roundup 3-17-17

Date:        March 17, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
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​The weekly report of stories of concern again was not able to cover every issue due to the limited time. Despite concerns, however, Jim says we do not need to be afraid because God is in control, and the Bible says things will be worse prior to Christ’s return.

–President Trump’s proposed budget has created a firestorm of reaction. It would increase protection and security, including the military, a border wall, etc., but cutting other agencies that are considered “sacred cows” by liberals, including the EPA, the Department of Agriculture. Some are now saying that the cost savings by cutting the EPA budget will be much larger than the dollars indicated, because the reduction of regulations will result in cost savings to those who have been required to follow them. Opponents say the result will be chaos–in part because many programs are funded from multiple sources making it difficult to isolate their funding.

–The IRS was able to slash the waiting time for a Satanist organization seeking approval as a tax-exempt status t 10 days–while many other organizations are waiting months or even years for approval.

–A former Secret Service agent says recent breaches of security at the White House show that President Trump is not safe in the White House, and the Secret Service is unable to provide the protection needed.

–A probe is being requested by members of Congress into whether American taxpayer money is being used to help finance the extreme liberal agenda of George Soros.

–A federal judge has now blocked the revised travel ban issued by President Trump. Apparently these rulings have ignored current law that would have provided authority to issue such a ban.

–There is concern that a program to help religious workers come to the United States is being used to allow Muslim Jihadists from countries that would be include in the ban, to come into this country, and essentially set up. Some Muslims now state that they have found America’s “Achilles heel”, as they are now able to provide coordinates of our military installations to allow them to be attacked by Jihadists already in the United States.

–A Muslim in Grand Forks, North Dakota, called 911 over 47 times to express his disapproval of President Trump, and his support for ISIS.

–An public school teacher in Sydney, Australia, has resigned after her students in year 5 and year 6 threatened to behead her, and similar activity has caused other teachers to seek time off.

–Hawaii is considering a bill to require all pregnancy centers, even church-related centers, to provide information or referrals to abortion providers.

–A group of female “pastors” in Iowa have signed a statement giving their support to Planned Parenthood, and opposing recent bills that would defund the organization in Iowa.

–In Texas, a chain of abortion clinics with a long list of health and safety violations, that was forced to close when Texas passed a law to require that they meet the same guidelines as other health clinics, has now been allowed to re-open.

–In Iceland, an OB/GYN has stated that in the future every single baby diagnosed with Downs Syndrome will be aborted. Denmark also plans to be Downs Syndrome-free within five years. But on the road to the same record is Great Britain, and even the United States.

–In Sweden an increasing number of children are expressing interest in changing their gender to the opposite of their birth gender, and are doing so at younger ages.

–A Russian spy ship, observed off the coast of Delaware several weeks ago, has returned this week.

–North Korea is again threatening “merciless” attacks on U.S. and South Korean military if they carry out joint military exercise, something that has taken place regularly for decades.

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