God’s Amazing Designs 3-30-17

​​​​​​​​​​​Date:        March 30, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
​Guest:      Don DeYoung
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​Don DeYoung is Chairman of the Physical Science Department at Grace College, Winona Lake, Indiana. He’s a graduate of Michigan Tech University (B.S., M.S., Physics), Iowa State University (Ph.D., Physics), and Grace Seminary (M.Div.).

Dr. DeYoung is a member of the Indiana Academy of Science and the AuSable Environmental Institute. He is currently president of the Creation Research Society with 1,700 members worldwide.

He has written 16 books on Bible-science topics and his appearance on Crosstalk involved discussion of a book he has co-written with Derrik Hobbs called Discovery of Design: Searching Out the Creator’s Secrets.

God has placed a countless number of practical designs in nature. On this edition of Crosstalk you’ll have fun listening to Dr. DeYoung as he explains some of the discoveries that came about because scientists looked to God’s creation for inspiration. For example, you’ll learn the connection between…

–batteries and bacteria
–the Water Strider insect and water repellent fabric
–optic surveillance and bees
–airport terminals and ants
–the Box Fish and a unique automotive design
–the Elephant Nose Fish and clean water management
–the lobster eye and a telescope lens
–the paw of the dog and modern shoe design
–the eye filter of the penguin and modern sunglasses
–the Eiffel Tower and the femur

…and other interesting facts!

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