Hope for Christian Women

​Date:         April 6, 2017
Host:          Jim Schneider
Guest:       Susan Heck
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​Susan Heck has been involved with Women’s Ministries for nearly 4 decades. This includes teaching Bible studies along with counseling and heading up Ladies with the Master women’s ministry at Grace Community Church in Tulsa where her husband is the pastor. Susan is a certified counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors and is the author of the ‘With the Master Bible Study Series’ that is designed for women. She also speaks on a radio program at worldviewweekend.com.

Susan sees worry, anxiety and depression as the top concerns that cause women to come in for counseling. These can be a springboard off of difficult marriages, children, stress at work/home or finances.

Worry is a sin, as Scripture tells us not to be anxious about anything. Women suffering from worry and anxiety don’t trust God so her goal is to get women back into the Bible and a meaningful relationship with Christ and to seek everything from Him alone.

As Susan indicated, worry is a natural immediate response. Even the disciples were known for such a reaction. However, she warned listeners that we shouldn’t let fear take us to the point of sinful worry. In fact, the Greek word for ‘worry’ is translated as ‘strangle’. Worry does just that. Even doctors will tell you that worry can cause numerous physical problems.

Susan believes that worry and anxiety can lead to depression so a woman’s response to that which is causing the worry and anxiety is important. She cited Paul who asked 3 times for his thorn to be removed. Instead, God told Paul that His grace is sufficient and that His strength is made perfect in Paul’s weakness. Paul’s response was that he’d glory in his infirmities so that the power of Christ would rest upon him.

She noted that women need to get beyond the earthly and on to the heavenly so that Christ’s power will rest on them, especially during these times when the political and international world is in such upheaval.

So the key to overcoming worry and anxiety centers around your response which involves having an attitude of trust, rejoicing, being in the Word, prayer and being in a good church.

Susan also discussed finding time to read the Word in the midst of family and/or career, social networking, what women can do to maintain a peaceful household, the kingdom citizen vs. the ‘me’ centered citizen and much more.

More Information:

‘With the Master in Heavenly Places’ (a women’s Bible study on Ephesians) is available for a donation of $16 or more. It can be obtained by calling 1-800-729-9829 or going to www.vcyamerica.org.


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