U.N. Targets Children for LGBT Indoctrination

​​​Date:         April 11, 2017
Host:          Jim Schneider
​​Guest:       Alex Newman
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​Alex Newman is an international freelance journalist, educator and consultant. As a freelance journalist he writes for the New American. He’s co-author of the book, ‘Crimes of the Educators’.

When Alex was on Crosstalk last July, he informed listeners that the U.N. was going to be unleashing a new LGBT ‘czar’. He warned that the target would be the schools of the world and youth indoctrination. Sadly, that appears to be coming to fruition.

At the time this new position was being formulated, there was some indication that they would be coming for the children. One precursor was the Obama administration’s involvement in promotion of the so-called ‘Safe Schools’ program. This was a program designed to promote a positive view of homosexuality and introducing LGBT lifestyles under the guise of making schools safe.

This new U.N. czar is a homosexual activist from Thailand named Vitit Muntarbhorn and he’s traveling around the world to promote this agenda. In an interview he had done with the media in Argentina, he talked about how some people still have negative views concerning homosexuality so we need to get working more with children. He said, ‘The younger the better.’ He went on to mention introducing programs and activities into schools, similar to what’s been seen in Western Europe and increasingly in the U.S., with the goal to go global.

The effects of the indoctrination attempts that have been made up to this point are clearly showing up. For example, Alex reported that in Sweden it’s been reported in the last few weeks that the number of children who think they are the opposite gender is doubling every year.

As this broadcast moved along, Alex also addressed the following:

–How does the American College of Pediatrics & Pediatricians feel about the
targeting of children?

–What’s meant by ‘sexual diversity’ as defined by those pushing for this effort?

–What’s meant by ‘soft entry points’ in attempts to educate youth in the
teachings of the LGBT lifestyle.

–What is the plan for clashes between religion and the pro-LGBT agenda?

–Human rights as defined by America’s founders vs. the U.N. definition.

More Information:

To contact your legislators regarding The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (HR-193) that would get the U.S. out of the U.N., contact your congressmen at 202-225-3121.

To read Alex’s article titled: U.N. LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: ‘The Younger the Better’ go to www.thenewamerican.com

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