Transgender Impact on Sports

Date:         April 12, 2017
Host:          Jim Schneider
​​Guest:       Steve McConkey​
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​Steve McConkey is the president of 4 Winds Christian Athletics, a sports ministry that takes a stand for Christian athletes and encourages athletes to defend Christianity.

How did sports become a target to advance a liberal agenda? Steve told listeners that when you go back to the Olympic games of Greek culture, there was a lot of immorality. It’s increasing now. For example, in 2003 he was the only person taking on the transgender movement against the International Olympic Committee (IOC). At that point, certain athletes needed assignment surgery and one year of hormone therapy in order to compete. As of 2015, all that is required is one year of hormone therapy and no surgery is necessary.

In a recent letter to the IOC, he reminded them about the stand he took in 2003 and he asked to have the transgender movement dropped. He also asked them that regarding the inter-sex athletes that won the first, second and third medals in the 800 meters this past summer that they should give those medals up to the rightful athletes that were behind them.

Why should Steve be concerned? Steve believes that the presence of transgender athletes opens the doors in high schools where it confuses youth. His goal is to stand up for the Lord and to speak for youth that can’t speak for themselves.

Steve also described aspects of TV coverage of the 2016 Olympics Rio. There was a transgender, who wasn’t even competing in the Olympics, portrayed in what appeared to be a fancy commercial. Then they had Johnny Weir, a former world class skater from the U.S. who was cross-dressing.

On the high school level, Steve indicated that different states have different policies. At least 33 states are allowing transgenders to compete. All that needs to be done is to go to the school office, speak with the administrator or appropriate official, say that as a boy you identify as a female, and you can compete on a woman’s team. No surgery or hormones are necessary.

Last week in Connecticut, a 15 year old who identifies as a woman was seen speaking by Steve on video. He believes this shows how he is clearly a boy. This individual ran 11.99 in the 100 meters which is a good time for a 15 year old.

Steve noted that even if you take hormone therapy, you can’t change the bone or muscle structure. There is no way to reverse the muscle mass, the bone density and fulcrum advantages. It’s the way God made us, male and female.

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