California Legislation Targets Religious Freedom

Date:        May 2, 2017
Host:         Jim Schneider
Guest:      Randy Thomasson​
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​Randy Thomasson is a pro-family leader and president of This organization stands strong for moral virtues for the common good.

This edition of Crosstalk looked at some legislation brewing in the State of California that could eventually affect us all. They included:

–(Senate Bill 179) SB-179 creates a brand new or third class of gender that would appear on driver’s licenses, birth certificates, etc. It would be deemed non-binary and would allow a change in gender on the birth certificate as young as age 3. This means not male, not female, a combination of the two or a list of any of the 3 dozen genders on the ever-expanding list from U.C. Berkeley.

Randy sees this as sexual anarchy as well as a new form of identity fraud but more than that, he believes it’s locking in a mental disorder because most people involved in transgenderism have been sexually molested. In other words, they have inner problems caused during childhood by a perpetrator.

This is also dangerous because the transsexual HIV transmission rate is 3 times higher than the rate among homosexuals.

SB-179 had a committee vote. All 5 democrats voted ‘yes’ with one republican voting ‘no’ with another republican not even voting on it. Since it has already passed the Senate committee the next step is for it to go to the full Senate for a vote.

–(Senate Bill 219) SB-219 would have a devastating affect on retirement/elderly care facilities, facilities for the disabled and similar institutions as it would force them to embrace sexual deviancy. For example, men and women who work at a care facility would have to be willing to cloth transgender seniors in the clothing, accessories and makeup that they want while also allowing in-house transsexual or homosexuals to have sexual encounters with other residents and visitors on the premises. Employees and other residents would have to endure this in spite of the fact that they realize that this is biologically and sexually unnatural behavior.

This means that if you have a parent or grandparent at a facility with shared rooms, under this bill, a homosexual or transsexual could have sex in the room with a visitor and if your parent or grandparent would complain, they would be considered the bigot and would be required to leave if they didn’t like the environment. The problem is, in order to find a better environment, they’d have to be placed in another state.

–(Assembly Bill 569) AB-569 is about promoting abortion and sex outside of marriage at Christian schools in grades K-12 and at Christian colleges.

–The Supreme Court has just turned a deaf ear to a case that challenged the ban on therapy for unwanted same-sex attractions and gender confusion of minors. California is putting a ban on this (otherwise known as ‘conversion therapy’.)

–The San Diego Unified School District is addressing so-called Islamophobia by drafting guidelines that acknowledge Muslim holidays and culture while also training staff. This is to be done in cooperation with the Council on American/Islamic Relations (CAIR).

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