Minnesota Considers Forcing Gender ‘Toolkit’ on Schools

​Date:        May 18, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Stephani Liesmaki​
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​Schools all across America are participating with the Human Rights Campaign (an activist LGBT organization) and the National Education Association in the 2nd annual national ‘I Am Jazz’ school and community readings. This is a book that promotes transgenderism. It’s a concerted effort to simultaneously indoctrinate youth across America.

The state of Minnesota is taking this to a new level. A school gender toolkit is being rolled out for all schools in the state to allow boys and girls to share bathrooms, locker rooms and showers according to their perceived gender identity.

Joining Jim to discuss this issue was Stephani Liesmaki, the director of communications with the Minnesota Family Council.

According to Stephani, the toolkit was developed by an anonymous work group and proposed on May 2nd. The members still have yet to be disclosed to the public. The toolkit would remove significant rights from parents, would violate student privacy in restrooms, housing, showers and basically erase distinctions between boys and girls.

The steps taken to approve this toolkit have been done in such a way that the effort is basically shielded from the public eye. There’s no notification on the Department of Education’s website about when the next meeting will be held regarding final voting nor is there a draft available on their website outlining what the toolkit would propose.

Stephani noted that when you read through the context of the toolkit, the commissioner is calling it, ‘best practices’. She feels that parents who would read through this would object as well as those in the medical, child development and psychological fields.

Stephani also described how it’s the responsibility of school administrators, particularly the Department of Education, to ensure the privacy, safety and dignity of all students. Certainly, compassionate accommodations should be extended to students who may be struggling with biological realities, but there is a solution that doesn’t compromise the safety, dignity and privacy of others. She cited how other states have adopted single user accommodations for students who may identify as transgender.

When you review this broadcast, you’ll learn how the toolkit views the use of school facilities, pronoun usage, activities where a public school hosts a private school, overnight field trips and more.

More Information:

To see the document that’s being proposed, go to www.mfc.org/toolkit

Go to the website listed above and click on the ‘take action’ button. This will send you to a page where you can directly e-mail a pre-written letter to the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education as well as to the director of a center that was involved in forming the toolkit.

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