News Roundup 5-19-17

​​Date:        May 19, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​Jim Schneider took listeners around the globe for another edition of the ’round-up’. Stories included:

–President Trump leaves for an 8 day trip to the Middle East and Europe. He’ll
be delivering a message to Muslims, Israeli’s, Palestinian’s, the Pope and
–A report admits it’s unlikely that President Trump broke any laws in the case of
information allegedly shared with the Russian foreign minister and ambassador to
the U.S.
–Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has firmly stood by the memo that he
wrote that outlined James Comey’s offenses and later was cited by the White
House to support President Trump’s decision to fire the FBI director.
–The Ninth Circuit Court in Seattle heard arguments from attorneys for the Trump
administration and the State of Hawaii after the administration asked the
appeals court to reverse U.S. District Court Judge Watson’s March 16th order that
blocked the president’s executive order on protecting the nation from foreign
terrorist entry into the U.S.
–The Trump administration formerly told Congress yesterday that it intends to
renegotiate NAFTA.
–President Trump delivered the commencement speech at Liberty University last
–The White House went ‘blue’ last Monday evening to honor law enforcement
–A federal court has thrown out the civil rights lawsuit filed by the family of
the Texas teenager known as ‘clock boy’.
–Former Vice President Joe Biden takes a verbal swipe at Hillary Clinton.
–Hillary Clinton has formed a group known as ‘Onward Together’, a political
organization designed to advance progressive causes.
–A group linked to former President Obama is targeting 34 vulnerable House
Republicans in districts where Trump did poorly in 2016.
–For more than a year, a U.N. agency in Geneva has been helping North Korea
prepare an international patent application for production of Sodium Cyanide, a
chemical used to make nerve gas.
–North Korea’s official news agency announced on May 14 that it had fired a new
ballistic missile that would reach an altitude of 1,312 miles and covered a
lateral distance of 489 miles. If it were launched at a standard trajectory, it
would have a range of at least 2,500 miles.
–North Korea’s latest test launch over the weekend caused great concern with
U.S. officials.
–2 Chinese fighter jets intercepted an American radiation-sniffing surveillance
plane over the East China Sea in an unprofessional maneuver.
–Last week’s global cyber attack has shed light on the shadowy and highly
sophisticated team of cyber spies in North Korea believed to be among the best
hackers in the world.
–A Russian firm announced a weekly ferry service linking a Russian city to a
North Korean port.
–Iranian agents operating polling stations across the U.S.
–Suspects arrested allegedly with an arsenal in their vehicle in Minneapolis.
–Sharia cop cracks down on Minnesota Muslims.
–A condo tower with Islamic museum and mosque to rise at the proposed ground-zero
mosque site.
–Dozens of holocaust survivors have asked the governor of New York to put a stop
to a planned speech by Linda Sarsour, a woman who openly advocates for Sharia
and who is anti-Jewish.
–Governor Chris Christie panders to New Jersey Muslims by vetoing a bill that
would outlaw child marriage.
–Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca sentenced to 3 years in prison; a
relentless supporter of Hamas/CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood linked
–A college student loses his job at the school newspaper after he tweeted a video
of a Muslim student admitting his religion killed non-believers.
–Billboards around Las Vegas say ‘Making America Great with Islam’.
–A grand jury in Ohio has indicted a man on a charge of attempting to provide
material support or resources to the Islamic State of Iraq.
–Parents rebelling coast-to-coast against what they describe as Islamic
indoctrination of their children in public schools.
–Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clark accepting a job with the Department of
Homeland Security.
–Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that he’s told prosecutors to pursue
the most serious charges possible against criminal suspects. This has
infuriated civil rights groups.
–A Michigan sheriff caved to pressure from the ACLU. His staff was ordered to
release criminal aliens who are subjects of an immigration detainer.
–An Alleged illegal alien from Mexico kills a high school senior.
–The Trump administration concludes a 6 week nationwide sweep of suspected gang
members with 1,378 arrests.
–President Trump’s administration to expand the Mexico City policy.
–Planned Parenthood closing a number of clinics in Iowa, closing 3 clinics in New
Mexico and shutting down their only clinic in Wyoming.
–Planned Parenthood said to have colluded with the California attorney general.
–Planned Parenthood’s main abortion clinic has injured 4 women in botched
abortions already this year.
–A Tennessee woman is facing felony charges after she allegedly chased a pro-life
U.S. congressman down a highway.
–After abruptly canceling a hearing on April 12th in response to mass opposition
to a Senate bill that would legalize physician assisted suicide, a hearing was
held on Wednesday, May 10th in the Nevada State Senate Health and Human Services
–Chelsea Manning remaining on active duty after being released from military
–British Police Force swapping out its traditional helmets for U.S. style
baseball caps because they are not gender-based.
–One of Britain’s top private schools bringing in gender neutral uniforms that
would allow boys to wear skirts.
–Target sees 1st quarter sales drop.
–Marco Rubio under fire for sharing inspirational Bible verses.
–Crude oil production for March up over a million barrels per day in North
–Legalized marijuana is turning a Colorado resort town into a homeless magnet.
–A video released by Al Qaeda reportedly features one of the sons of Osama bin
Laden calling for attacks on Jewish targets around the world.
–Hamburg, Germany authorities recently confiscated 6 residential units near the
city center. They are renovating the properties and will rent them against the
will of the owner to tenants chosen by the city.
–Thousands of illegal immigrants from the Middle East and Asia are being smuggled
into Europe on board luxury yachts.
–A Republican bill that would let public universities in Wisconsin punish
students who disrupt speeches on campus appearances got its first public hearing
in the Wisconsin legislature last Thursday.
–The FCC votes 2-1 to advance a Republican plan to reverse the Obama
administration’s net neutrality order that came out in 2015.
–A court in Kentucky has found that Christians who operate a business do have the
right to refuse to promote homosexuality or transgenderism.
–The Human Rights Campaign launches a smear campaign to discredit world-renowned
psychiatrist Dr. Paul McHugh.

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