For God and Country

​​​Date:        May 22, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      William Federer
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​​Today on Crosstalk, Jim’s guest is a favorite, the notable William Federer.

Bill joins in to talk about his book “For God & Country: a handbook for the statesman/citizen. With so many sources continuing to work hard suppressing America’s religious freedoms, Bill argues that America’s true history is clearly on the side of Christianity.

Beginning with the colonial period, state constitutions, legislative acts and even beliefs from known individuals of the past, christianity can be traced back to our very foundations. However, Bill also shares several moments in our history (including a wrong interpretation of separation of church and state) which helped begin the present “domino effect” toward atheism in America.

Could only protestants hold U.S. political offices? Did the states start the many different church denominations we see? Were indians “evangelized?” Did draft dodgers influence U.S. court decisions? How did “In God we Trust” get onto our currency? All this and more is discussed as Bill is convinced that this nation’s formation is clearly documented to give us a more true perspective about how we got here.

The hardback book “For God and Country” is available for a donation of $18 or more to VCY America by calling #1.800.729.9829.

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