Can Islam be Reformed? The Manchester Islamic Attack

​Date:        May 24, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Usama Dakdok
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​Can Islam be reformed? That’s the question today as host Jim Schneider visits with Usama Dakdok. 

With 22 dead, and several more wounded in the most recent terror attack on Manchester (reportedly all in the name of Allah) many questions are again coming to the surface. 

Usama Dakdok answers the primary question today “Absolutely not!” Dakdok says “just as Christianity cannot be reformed, you cannot reform Islam.” Very sadly, Dakdok says terrorism such as this will become the “norm” if America and others “sit by and do nothing.” Dakdok says that despite what is being reported, acts such as this “is Islam” (as described in the Koran). A “gushing river of blood will continue if nothing is done” Dakdok says. He also affirms that “Allah is Satan” and that Islam is “worse than cancer.”

Who was the reported Manchester attacker? News reports are trying to water down the story by saying this attacker was simply “radical.” Their dismissal of the seriousness of the day affirms that some in America are more worried about an anti Islamic backlash than seeing this kind of thing coming to a final end. But can it? Dakdok says that Americans can still “fix this” as only 1% or less in America are Muslim but, 10-20 years would make a major difference. While Dakdok says that he does not hate Muslims, he does “hate Islam.” In fact, Dakdok says “Muslims are lost and many have no idea what the Koran even says!” Dakdok affirms that this war on terrorism cannot be won with “bullets or bombs” but, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

On this Crosstalk, Dakdok offers advice on how we in America can use our own laws and constitution to get rid of Islam for good, and Jim Schneider reintroduces a 20 page booklet which will aid you in sharing today’s “vital” information. See quantity specials here or by calling #1.800.729.9829.

Usama Dakdok – President of the Straightway of Grace Ministry.  Usama travels the country “Revealing the Truth About Islam”.  He speaks fluent Arabic and has produced an accurate translation of the Qur’an into English.  He has also written the two-volume set, “Exposing the Truth about the Qur’an, the Revelation of Error” –

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