Islamic Terrorism Strikes London

​Date:        June 6, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
Guest:      Usama Dakdok
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​Usama Dakdok is the president of The Straight Way of Grace Ministry. He travels around the country revealing the truth about Islam.

This morning outside the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, a man tried to attack a police officer with a hammer. He shouted that he was a soldier of ISIL and ‘This is for Syria’.

This latest attack comes on the heals of a third terrorist attack in England. It brings the attack total (in the name of Islam) to 59 with 627 deaths after just 11 days of Ramadan.

Why the escalation in Islamic terror over the last few years? According to Usama, it’s the reality of Islam. When Muslims are weak in a foreign land, they’re nice, loving and peaceful. When they have the upper hand according to the teachings of the Qur’an and the Sunnah, Muslims will begin to show their real colors. He believes that what we see today will be worse tomorrow.

How does he know this? The number of Muslim jihadi today according to the British is listed at 23 thousand. In reality, each of the parents of the 23 thousand have 3 or 4 wives with some having 10, 15 or 20 children. So if 23 thousand is the correct number today, multiply that times 10 to get a possible number of Muslim jihadi in the future.

Jim then had Usama respond to an audio clip from Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, who spoke Sunday in London. One point that Usama concentrated on was the Prime Minister’s idea that she wants to save her nation from ‘Islamists’.

Usama asked, ‘What is Islamists?’ The idea of ‘Islamists’ communicates to the public that there’s one group of individuals that believe in Islam and another group called ‘Islamists’. Do ‘Islamists’ believe in a different god than Allah? Do they believe in a different prophet other than Mohammed? Do they have any other book than the Qur’an? The answer on these points is ‘no’. Instead, this name simply confuses those already confused in the West. It’s like saying there are Christians and ‘Christianists’.

Usama believes the problem with Theresa May and the leaders of the West is that they’re ignorant regarding Islam. If she wants to get rid of the problem, she needs to get rid of all Muslims living in her nation and that’s impossible. It’s too late.

Concerning the prime minister’s idea that terrorists have a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth, Usama communicated that you can’t pervert Islam because Islam is a perversion of life. In fact, he also described it as ‘a perversion of freedom’.

To hear more on this narrative that alleges the perversion of Islam, you’ll want to review this vital Crosstalk broadcast.

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