Rhetoric Out of Control

​Date:        June 20, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​There’s an anger and fervor that’s been building in our nation in recent months and it’s reaching a boiling point. This was exhibited just last week when a group of Republican congressmen, who were practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, found themselves dodging bullets from the gun of 66 year old James T. Hodgkinson, a man who held left wing political views and was a Bernie Sanders supporter.

Other examples of the rhetoric that is fueling violence includes:

–Kathy Griffin’s publicity photo stunt of the mock beheading of President Trump.

–A theater production in New York’s Central Park portrayed a modern day Caesar
who looked like President Trump. This ‘Caesar’ was knifed to death which drew a
standing ovation from the audience.

–Rappers with videos and lyrics that depict the killing of the president.

–The singer Madonna, who has said she has thought a lot about blowing up the
White House.

–Matt Harrigan, CEO of a cyber-security company known as PacketSled, posted on
Facebook that he was going to kill the president-elect. He resigned a few days

–British journalist Monisha Rajesh tweeted it was ‘about time for a presidential

This is just a sample of what Jim offered on the program which also included plenty of input from Crosstalk listeners.

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