The World in Rebellion Against God: LGBT ‘Pride’

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Date:        June 22, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​During part 2 of this look at LGBT ‘Pride’, Jim highlighted what is happening internationally amidst the rebellion against God. Examples included:

–Hundreds of thousands attend Brazil’s gay pride parade in Sao Paulo on June
18th. This year’s event focused on the threat of religious fundamentalism.
–Canada’s senate passed the Justin Trudeau liberal transgender rights bill
unamended. The bill adds gender expression and gender identity to Canada’s
human rights code. Canadians who deny gender theory could be charged with hate
crimes, fined, jailed and compelled to undergo anti-bias training.
–A Canadian Christian school has been ordered by a public school board that it
partners with to refrain from reading or studying any scripture that could be
considered offensive to particular individuals and that might contravene
Alberta’s human rights legislation.
–A video of an 8 year old boy who performs in ‘drag’ has gone viral with the
youngster advising during the interview that if one’s parents won’t allow them
to be a drag queen, you need new parents.
–A group of 3 homosexual men living in the nation of Colombia have successfully
registered their union with the federal government.
–A Danish brewery is making a new LGBT beer. It has a label image depicting
Russian President Vladimir Putin kissing Donald Trump.
–Queen Elizabeth vowed to protect the LGBT community in a speech to Parliament
–The BBC has openly mocked the beliefs of millions of Christians and others with
socially conservative views in its election commentary.
–An official of the Church of England suggested that it may allow transgender
Christians to be re-christened under new names following a sex change.
–A record number of openly gay MP’s were elected on June 8th. After the general
election there are now 45 gay MP’s in the House of Commons making 7% of the

When you review this broadcast you’ll hear much more as Jim shows how tolerance of the LGBT phenomenon, and intolerance of opposing voices, is growing worldwide.

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