What Does Freedom in America Mean to You?

​​​​Date:        July 3, 2017
Host:        Jim Schneider
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​Jim began this edition of Crosstalk with some words from Wisconsin Family Council commenting on the concept of liberty. He also presented historical notes from historian William Federer, showing just what was sacrificed to form the United States of America. This included words from Senator Daniel Webster warning what would happen if America’s constitution should fail.

After that, Jim opened the phone lines so that listeners could answer the following question: What does freedom in America mean to you? Here’s how some listeners responded to that question on the eve of our nation’s 241st birthday:

–There’s still time to change our mind and do what’s right in America and we
should repent of our sins and move forward.
–Freedom isn’t free. Thankful for the freedom we have through the cross of
–Freedom is not a right. It’s a responsibility; a gift of grace that was given
to us.
–We need to get back to where it all started and become a nation under God.
–Freedom means living in a country that’s been blessed by the providential hand
of God.
–Living in a free country gives me the opportunity to be able to listen to
programs like WVCY.
–Freedom means living in a country without fear.
–Is freedom becoming license? There are consequences for that.
–Freedom is the wonderful opportunity that we can tell people about Jesus, how to
get saved and attend the church of our choice.

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